Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tea with Friends!

Saturday I met my two good friends, Thea and Tami (along with Thea's granddaughter and friend) for an afternoon of tea at my favorite tea house, Myrtles. If I could find the time I would go every weekend but alas, I don't have that much time, so my girlfriends and I try to make it there at least once a month. Elisabeth is the proprietor and she is the sweetest thing!! She says we're her favorite customers and I believe her. :) The tea house is in the small town of Ridgefield, Washington. This town is adorable and has a very Americana feeling about it. There's a little white church there that, if I were to get married again, I would love to get married in. I will add a link to Myrtles Tea House so if you're ever in the Northwest this little place is a MUST to visit!


The foyer of the tea house.....

Thea and Michelle...enjoying a relaxing afternoon and visiting! I'm on the left. Tami was camera shy.

Mango sorbet to clean your palate. I just like the taste of it! I don't care what it's supposed to do. I had the Wild Blackberry tea.

Next came the sandwiches and soup. Here you get your very own plate! I love it since I'm a little selfish with my food. The tomato basil bisque soup is the best but she also has asparagus soup and depending on the season, changes it up a little! She has cold soups as well. Yesterday she had a cold strawberry cream soup. Sounds like dessert to me!

Last is the dessert plate. All kinds of yummy goodies but my favorite is the scone. She makes THE BEST scones I have ever tasted in any tea house. She always serves them right out of the oven!

Last but not least is her herbery/store. She sells most of her teas in the shop as well as soaps, bath bombs, tea sets, herbs, etc.! Too adorable for words!

Here is that adorable little church. Looks like they were getting ready for a wedding that afternoon.

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