Sunday, April 25, 2010

A True Pioneer Woman.

Hope you all had a great weekend! My mother came for a four day visit and we had such great fun. Having family visit has done wonders for my blues. Once I get all the pictures from mom I will be posting about our visit. :)

This post, however, is about a truly entertaining and inspiring lady I watch on YouTube. Her name is Nancy and her channel on YouTube is called Nancy Today. I find myself chuckling alot while watching Nancy. She is one true pioneer woman and although I laugh at some of her videos, the information she provides really is great information! Whether she's throwing a batch of twelve dozen cookies in the oven or sitting in one of her homemade teepee's (yes, I said teepee) while building a roaring bonfire inside or taking you along on a ride to the grocery store to educate you on how to shop cheaply, she really is fun to watch. Here are just a few videos that I really love! Take note, she is no nonsense. Seriously! If her house is a mess you just have to deal with it. Lol! I also love the crazy and adorable hats she wears. I think she makes most of them. I love 'em too! Enjoy!

Baking bread while talking about soap making. :)

Work free garden.

Making a gallon of instant oatmeal.

I am hooked on Nancy's videos. She will even take you on her travels! I believe she's in Athens, Georgia right now. Hope you all get a chance to watch her if you're at all interested. I get such a great kick out of her and she always leaves me smiling. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh Start

“I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning...”

Quote by Joseph Priestley

I love this part of Spring. :) Hopefully my vegetables and herbs will flourish for some wonderful, savory homemade meals.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Country

I see myself cooking and baking in this kitchen. :) *sigh* It will happen one day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sis and Niece Visit Part II

So, of course we had to go to tea while my sister and niece were in town. Paris has become a connoisseur of tea. In fact, she knows exactly how much sugar and cream to put in tea now. I mean you gotta have that mound of sugary goodness at the bottom of your cup of tea or else it's just not perfect! Lol! I love seeing her so excited about such girly things. :)

We had tea twice while they were in town. Actually, the weather was kind of perfect for was rainy while they were here (go figure). We had our first tea at an adorable and very British tea house called Lady Di's British Store and Tea Room in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Had to get some pictures taken out front before we went in. :)

Here's me and sis!
Auntie 'Shelle and Paris...

Inside we were greeted with tons of British goods including these adorable teapot cozies!

Various corners of the tea room were filled with vintage goodies...

A delicate teacup waiting to be filled with some comforting tea...

While we waited I spied some sweet little books all about the art of tea...

The best part of course!

A separate cozy room for a small tea party.

Afterwards we found one of those fun pottery places where you can paint your own pottery. What a better way to spend an, creativity and just plain fun. :) This is Janet's creation. A little dish with a painting of their little Max on it. Janet painted this for hubby. I thought that was so sweet.

Here's mine. A ceramic cupcake container. I think I will spruce up my desk at work and use this as a paperclip holder. :)

Paris painted her pony she has back at home. His name is Bebop. She was so intense when she was painting Bebop but it came out absolutely gorgeous in the end. She even painted a little "b" on his behind. :)

I have been feeling better day after day and I am now sure that this visit started the cure! I also just found out today that mom will be coming next weekend! I have a few antique excursions planned already! Always remember, when you're down family is always there for you. :) I love you guys! Thanks for cheering me up.

One last thing. I received a couple of awards while I was gone (I am in total shock!) but I will be posting those as soon as I finish this post!

More to come!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus. I had so much going on and was still trying to snap out of my depression. I am finally out of it. I can feel the difference and thank God. That was probably one of the worst depressions I have been in since living here. I'm pretty sure the drab weather had a lot to do with it but with my sister and niece visiting me it really helped me find that spark of happiness again. :)

Good coffee and chocolate croissants from Trader Joes (thanks to my sister's recommendation) helped out with the happiness factor. :) If you haven't tried these croissants from Trader Joes I highly recommend you run right over to your nearest TJ's and buy a couple of these packages. They taste as fresh as a croissant straight out of a Paris bakery!

Janet and Paris finally arrived! I showed them to the guest bedroom and this is the first thing Paris found and tried on. I think she makes a beautiful angel. :)

Right after, she found her new best friend who kept her company the whole time!

Quincy was such a good sport and was even man enough to wear a barrette. Lol

The next day I took Paris to the cat shelter to play with even MORE cats. I'm sure she had her fill of cats during her visit.

There were even a few Easter chicks there. Aren't they precious?

That's it for now! More on my next post and it will be very soon. I promise this time! All the kitties are doing fine.....Emma had one asthma attack a few days ago but I figured out how to gain control of it at home with help of her inhaler and instructions from the vet to increase her prednisone dosage. It's so funny, now Emma sees the inhaler and doesn't run. I think she now knows it makes her feel better.

More to come!