Sunday, February 12, 2012

You knew I couldn't last Lily!

Yep, you all know me well. I think three is my lucky number. :) But there's a story that comes with this. Lily is from the shelter I volunteer at. When she came into the shelter (6 years ago...she is now 9 years old) she was pretty feral. When I came to work at the shelter a couple years ago or so..I felt drawn to her...because she was so shy and feral and would hardly let anyone touch her. I worked with her and worked with her every time I went in. Today, she is loving and loves to be touched and given love. I made a promise to her that should my circumstances change and I could find room in my life for her...I would...and I did.

She is one of a few cats that have been at the shelter most of her life and probably was not adoptable. Since we have been so overcrowded at the shelter, I felt like this was the right time. She is so happy. She's doing things I have never seen her do at the shelter that tells me she is a happy girl. I'm keeping her separated for a little while until the other kitties warm up to her.

I think Quincy is trying to impress her.

This doesn't look like the shelter. I think I finally have my own home!

More pictures to come!