Sunday, February 12, 2012

You knew I couldn't last Lily!

Yep, you all know me well. I think three is my lucky number. :) But there's a story that comes with this. Lily is from the shelter I volunteer at. When she came into the shelter (6 years ago...she is now 9 years old) she was pretty feral. When I came to work at the shelter a couple years ago or so..I felt drawn to her...because she was so shy and feral and would hardly let anyone touch her. I worked with her and worked with her every time I went in. Today, she is loving and loves to be touched and given love. I made a promise to her that should my circumstances change and I could find room in my life for her...I would...and I did.

She is one of a few cats that have been at the shelter most of her life and probably was not adoptable. Since we have been so overcrowded at the shelter, I felt like this was the right time. She is so happy. She's doing things I have never seen her do at the shelter that tells me she is a happy girl. I'm keeping her separated for a little while until the other kitties warm up to her.

I think Quincy is trying to impress her.

This doesn't look like the shelter. I think I finally have my own home!

More pictures to come!


Christine said...

Hi, up late, can't sleep. Checked your blog and was totally delighted to hear you have a new friend! I wish you both happiness, petting and hugs!!

Maggi said...

How darling! You were meant to be together!

Erin said...

Yay, what a sweetie.

TeresaR said...

Congratulations on the new kitty cat! You are an angel to adopt her. Lily's the luckiest cat alive!

And I'd be impressed by Quincy. :)

Chatelaine said...

Bless you Michelle. Giving that kitty a forever home is such a wonderful thing to do.

I am sure she will love living with your other 2 kitties and we know she already loves you.

Congratulations on your new addition!

Have a great Valentine's Day!

Debbie said...

Oh you are such a cat lover and lucky for lily!!! I just know it will work out fine....well just look at Quincy showing off and being loving....just like his mom!! Good for you.==. One of my best friends donates her time on Saturdays at a shelter for cats only. She had two and just adopted another from the shelter...making your lucky number too...three!

Cat with a Garden said...

Oh my Lily, you are one lucky ladycat! FINALLY a forever home of your own. This is is so, so, so wonderful.
Many kittykisses from Siena & Chilli

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Awww Michelle~I'm so thrilled for you and Lilly. In time I've no and Quincey will surely woo her over. I know she will love her new forever home.
I don't know if I shared this with you...after losing Angel I fell into such a deep depression. My son & DIL offered to bring their cat over to keep me company for a bit. They thought at the least her identical apperance of being all white like Angel would lend a comforting familiar presence. I felt compalled to say yes because she was living in an extremely difficult situation with my son and DIL's dogs. Their dogs (for unknown reasons) taunted her constantly. To avoid the dogs she lived a pretty reclusive life in their home . My son and dil did their best to keep peace between them all, but it was an ongoing struggle. Well, what was suppose to be just a short visit has turned into an 8 month vacation for her. She has transformed from a unfriendly, emotionally awkward kitty to a kitty who loves all our love and attention. They miss her, but know how extremly contented she is here, so her vacation continues.

Sweet wishes,

Lisa said...

You are such a kind hearted soul. I know Lily will be so happy with you and her new family.:)

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely blog! :3

fiberdoodles said...

You have such a kind heart! She is adorable and I just can't imagine why she wasn't adopted long ago. She was just meant to be with you! That Quincy is so funny ;0)

cindy swain said...

i stumbled upon your blog and love it! that is so sweet of you to take in lily. a lucky fur baby <3