Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet Emma. :)

Well here she is! She's home and resting comfortably in the guest bedroom. :) She is much bigger than the last time I saw her. Sarah fed her very well! Lol! She stayed under the bed for a little while and I laid down and talked with her until she felt comfortable with my voice . I was able to gently pull her out and put her in the bed Sarah let me take when I picked her up. This is her little bed she had been sleeping in outside. I won't wash it until she is comfortable with her surroundings since it's probably the only smell familiar to her right now. By the end of the evening I had her on top of the bed and in her little bed purrrrrrring and cleaning herself. She even flipped over and let me rub her belly! You won't notice it now but she has the most beautiful green eyes. :)

She's already comfortable enough to start cleaning herself...

Ignore the dirty bed (it was an outside bed) but look how clean she keeps her paws!

Her first medical records. She posed well for her doctor....

I opened the door a few times..and Quincy just laid outside the bedroom door. He inched a little closer...and a little closer...spreading his body out, showing off how handsome he was. She hissed a couple of times. :) I can just hear him thinking. Hmmmm.....she's a cutie. Not like the old lady who keeps batting me in the head. Maybe if I put my handsomest face on I can make her blush. :)

Man, getting a girl to notice you exist is tough! I'm done for the night! I hope she doesn't expect Salmon on our first date!

A New Family Member and a Carnival Event and Soiree!!


No that's not a picture of her but tonight is a big night at my place. I am bringing home a new kitten! I don't think I let you all in on this because I wanted to make sure her doctor visit went well today and all her tests were fine. The doctor just called (my girlfriend brought her in for me) and said she's in great health. How did this all happen you ask? It's Michelle being a sucker for homeless animals again. LOL! My girlfriend had been feeding a stray in her backyard for the last two months. The poor thing was only 3-4 lbs when she started feeding her. Unfortunately she cannot keep her and she said she needed to find a home. I tried the shelter I am volunteering at but she is so booked there is no way she can take more. I think she has about 90 cats right now. Then my girlfriend said she would just take her to the pound. I COULD NOT have her do that! So, what did Michelle do...feel sorry for her and say she'd take her in. ;)

Anyhoo, the doctor just called and said she is in good health and all her tests came back negative. She is a little white and gray sweetie and is about 5-7 months old weighing at 6 3/4 lbs. I will be picking her up tonight along with her kitten shot records. I have decided to name her EMMA. Wish me well that Quincy will be happy he has someone to play with and Mocha doesn't have to be bothered by Quincy anymore. Lol! I will post pictures of my new addition this weekend.

Also! Lisa over at Faerie Enchantment is hosting a A HUGE blog carnival event! It will be a carnival full of fun, games and giveaways! Checkout her adorable blog. I'm fairly new to her blog myself and am so glad I discovered such a fun place. Lisa looks like a faerie herself. :)

Also, fair warning, my Internet is down (for the 3rd time) at home. I am working with Qwest yet again to fix the issues!! I may not be blogging as often this weekend but I will try! I will definitely find a way to get pics up of the new kitty!

Happy Friday all!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grapefruit Yogurt Popsicles and a Few Facts about the Grapefruit!

I was relaxing this evening reading through my new InStyle magazine and came across this delectable and gorgeous Popsicle. I mean, who couldn't like this? It's PINK! I got this recipe from the Go Florida Grapefruit site. This could be the perfect, healthy dessert for this coming summer. :)

Grapefruit Yogurt Popsicles:

2 cups plain, low-fat yogurt
2 cups Pink grapefruit sections
1 teaspoon grapefruit zest
1 teaspoon lemon or orange extract
1 cup powdered sugar


Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and mix until smooth. Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze.

A few fun facts about the grapefruit:

- Grapfruits were discovered in Barbados in the 18th century. Botanists believe this fruit was the result of a natural cross breeding between an orange and the pummelo.

- The fruit was given the name "grapefruit because of how it grows - in hanging clusters like grapes!

- The grapefruit is a great source of Vitamin C.

- Grapefruit is available all year but best between January and May.

- Salt will make a grapefruit taste sweeter.

- A grapefruit is 75% juice.

- Grapefruit juice freshly squeezed and stored covered in the refrigerator will retain 98% of its vitamin C for up to a week.

- You can eat grapefruit just like an orange by peeling it and dividing it into segments. Each medium grapefruit has 10 to 12 sections.

- Pummelos, the largest of the citrus fruit varieties, are also called Chinese grapefruit. They are very popular during Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations because of their resemblance to the full moon.

Hope you had fun learning a few grapefruit facts! I did! :)

Photo courtesy of Go Florida Grapefruit

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time to Paint

Remember those window paynes I got off of Craigslist awhile back? I think I know what to do with them. :) Here's a sneak peak. :)

I will try to finish this window this week and start the others with a different theme. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Cheshire Cat - You know, He Really Does Make Sense.


"`Cheshire Puss,' [Alice] began, rather timidly, as she did not at all know whether it would like the name: however, it only grinned a little wider.

`Come, it's pleased so far,' thought Alice, and she went on.

`Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'

`That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat.

`I don't much care where--' said Alice.

`Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.

`--so long as I get SOMEWHERE,' Alice added as an explanation.

`Oh, you're sure to do that,' said the Cat, `if you only walk long enough.'"

"`But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.

`Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: `we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.'

`How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.

`You must be,' said the Cat, `or you wouldn't have come here.'

Alice didn't think that proved it at all; however, she went on

`And how do you know that you're mad?'

`To begin with,' said the Cat, `a dog's not mad. You grant that?'

`I suppose so,' said Alice.

`Well, then,' the Cat went on, `you see, a dog growls when it's angry, and wags its tail when it's pleased. Now I growl when I'm pleased, and wag my tail when I'm angry. Therefore I'm mad.'

Sometimes I feel as though I am always in the world of Wonderland, don't you? I guess we're all mad!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Few New Things and Another Award!'s so good to be back to almost normal! I got out today and volunteered at the shelter and had lunch with my closest friend, Susan, shopped for some cleaning goods...okay maybe something decorative too. It never fails. I shop for necessities and always seem to find something not so necessary. Lol!

First off, my good friend Tami who volunteers with me at the shelter (along with her sister who is also named, Michelle) brought me this adorable tin sign as a gift. I had been feeling down a few weeks ago and she mentioned she got something for me to cheer me up. Isn't it adorable?!! I love it so much! Thank you, Tami! You really are one of my best friends and tea buddy and shopping buddy and magazine buddy and animal buddy. :) She knows my style and knows exactly what will cheer me up. :)

Okay, so I got something at Walgreens. I know these clocks have been around for awhile and I first saw it at Susan's sister's house. Actually I heard it when it struck at the hour. Different bird chirps sound at the hour (this may drive me crazy after awhile) and they are all pictured on the face of the clock. I love the sound of birds so I had to get this. I can just see it now, though. After a week or so I will have a post on how the bird clock ended up on the floor in pieces. Lol!

Also, remember my little shell project I had a couple months ago? I found the perfect shadow box to display them in. :)

Also, while I was sick I was awarded this wonderful Sister Award by both Vanna at Delusions of Grandur and sweet Koleen at Angels, Rabbits and Roses. Thank you both SO, SO very much!! I love getting awards and especially from such wonderful people! Vanna, you are my elegant designing mentor and Koleen you are one of my newest blogging friend who is a master at cross-stitch. You may have to be my mentor at that, Koleen!

Here are the rules for this award:

1. Put the logo on you post or blog.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great "Attitude and/or Gratitude".

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

This time I am going to pick out my nominees!

1. Well of course I need to award this to my sis at Cottage by the Sea. She's really my sis and her blogging is so beautiful. :)

2. One of my oldest and true friends Tanyia over at Tulip Bliss. You have to check her blog out. She's a wonderful artist and she just got the two cutest kitties ever!

3. Anya at Kareltje en ikke! because she is truly my cat blogging sister and because Kareltje has a crush on Mocha. (Kareltje you better send some healing smooches to Mocha, she's not feeling well these days).

4. One of my very new blogging friends, Jen over at Guinevere's folly. She truly has some talent. Checkout her mermaids! She's a sweetie too!

5. I gotta give one to Dawn at Vanilla Sugar. She makes such sweet desserts I am grateful everyday for her blog because I can go there and enjoy looking at such beautiful culinary creations without gaining anything. Thank God she doesn't live near me. I'd be in big trouble!

6. I'm also giving one to April of Straight from the Heart. April has visited me so much and so often and her comments are definitely straight from her heart. :)

7. I must give one to Patti over at Creative Cottage Dreamer. Her poems soothe my mind and soul. Swing on over and checkout her impressive talent with words!

8. My Stella friend Linnea over at Neabear and B-Daddy's Nest! It was so fun to participate in Stella and nominate Neabear to have her next. She was so excited and had a great time with Stella. She has Stella's itinerary on her blog while she was visiting. How adorable!

9. Miss Domestic Witch. Peek into the world of a domestic witch and her adorable family. Especially Angelus, her sweet son. They have a lot of fun over there!

10. And this Academy goes to Joanne over at My little cottage in the making. She's a new friend of mine and we share the same interests in the paranormal! She just went on the Queen Mary ghost tour so swing on over and see how fun that turned out!

Speaking of ghosts, I will be calling our clients tomorrow to setup our interview meeting with them next weekend for our next investigation. I can't wait!

Talk to you all tomorrow! I'm soooooo glad I'm feeling better, you just don't know!

Finally Feeling Better

This thing kicked my rear! I don't remember the last time I had anything so icky. Today I am feeling better. My cough has finally subsided so the last two nights I slept 12 hours each night. Had to catch up on some much needed sleep. :) Anyway, just a few pretties for today. My new Victoria magazine came! This one has a wonderful article on ferns. :)

Quincy kept a close eye on me. Mocha has been a little under the weather lately also so she didn't want her picture taken.

Also, there's a new bunny in town. :)

He caught sight of the beautiful white rabbit. Don't they make a cute couple? :)

Finally getting out a bit and I'm anxious to head off to the shelter. I will be by to visit you all today. I need to get caught up on what everyone else has been up to!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick....Cough, Cough, Cough...Neverending Cough

I seem to have gotten worse. The doctor thinks I may have bronchitis now (I must have given it or gotten it from Tracey over at At Home on the Ridge. Kidding Tracey. :( Curling up with my new blanket until I get better all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Brother!

February 19th, 1975 is a day I will never forget. It was the day I was no longer the baby. It was the day I became the MIDDLE child. HE came into this world. He was cuter than I was. He had chubbier cheeks than I had. He got more attention than I did. I resented him so....but it was so hard to resent him because he was so dang cute!! Today is my little brother's birthday and I couldn't be prouder and happier to be his sister today, despite how I felt in our younger years. :)

Look at this adorable face! How could I resent this? Even when he got me in trouble he was still dang cute! I still remember hearing my mom sing him that song by John Lennon called Beautiful Boy. John used to sing it to his son Sean Lennon when he was just as young. In fact, I used to say my brother looked like Sean Lennon when he was young.
And now....he's grown to be a handsome young man. My little brother is 34 but he could fool anyone with his youthful handsome looks!
Checkout those arms. He's not so little anymore! His hobby besides being a doctor? Lifting weights!
Me and my brother at my mom's wedding...

Here is Jeff and my niece, Paris during my niece and sister's visit to Charleston, South Carolina where he lives and where he is finishing his fellowship at The Medical University of South Carolina....

I'm so proud of him. He is now an accomplished doctor of Hematology/Oncology. To be honest, I actually purposefully left some smarts behind for him to have. Aren't I generous?

He's never without friends! Here he's with a group of fellows at a conference in San Francisco. Just look at all these young doctors!

I've missed him for so long. He hasn't lived in California (our home state) for the past 10 years or so. In fact, I think he's been in medical school that long! We maybe see each other twice a year if we're lucky but this year he's going back home. This is his last year of his fellowship and he will actually be in practice in California! Yay!! All of us siblings are close but my brother and I have been mistaken for twins several times and I can actually say I'm happy to hear that. :) I love him very much and while he will always be my younger brother, the brother that teased me until I got in trouble, the brother that was once a little snitch to mom and dad, the brother that was spoiled, none of it compares to the bond we have. We will always and forever be very close and no matter how far away we are, we are always together in spirit.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh So Sweet Aprons!

If you haven't bought the premier issue of Sandra Lee Semi-Homeade, well...RUN OUT NOW! GO BUY IT! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Okay, it's not life threatening if you don't go get it now but seriously, it is the sweetest magazine! I wish it published every month but it publishes every other month. I have been thinking about aprons lately and thought perhaps I might buy myself one since I have been cooking more lately. Well to my surprise I found the one I want in this premier issue. They are a tad expensive, however. The company that sells the aprons is called Heavenly Hostess.

Then I scroll down the page some more and find these adorable headbands! Yes! I can even decorate my hair with food!

I did, however, find a cheaper apron that I may buy. This is from Victorian Trading Company and is only $19.95! The price is more my speed. Isn't it romantic?

By tomorrow I will probably not have a voice. After I told Jim that he said he'd love to have a wonderful evening with me tomorrow night. I think he said that because I probably won't be able to talk. :( Nice. Time for bed and a little cough syrup. Mocha told me to get the cough syrup. She kept giving me the evil eye everytime I coughed and woke us all up. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Evening Craft - Mini Daisy Wreath and I've Been Tagged!

Hi all! Feeling a little better this evening. I did end up going to the doctor for antibiotics though. When all else fails, see the doctor! :) That's my motto. She did see me and say, "What is it now, Michelle?". Lol! After the doctor's visit I came home and made Jim and I a nice steak dinner with coleslaw and some delicious sweet potato fries, except instead of baking them in the oven or frying them I steamed them. They turned out SO delicious. I didn't take a picture of the meal though. What I did take a picture of was my evening craft! I needed to get a little creativity out for the evening. Very simple, daisy silk flowers, glue gun, ribbon and small plain wreath!


Also, I've been tagged by Heather at Family Forever! Here are the rules:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you cannot go up to your closet and pull out that cute little purse you used back before you had kids. I want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house. No cheating!

2. I want to know how much it costs =). And this is not to judge. It is for entertainment purposes only. So, spill it. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you're showing everyone your bag.

Okay, so here's my purse or should I say bag? I like carrying a bigger bag to work everyday in case I have to throw my lunch in it or something bigger than normal. No, this isn't a Burberry bag. I'm proud to say it is a rip-off. LOL! It cost me $50.00 (I think). My memory is going these days but I know it was around that price.
These are my basic items. You cannot see my phone because I'm using my phone (Blackberry) to take a picture of this mess. ;) Let's see there is my fancy cheetah print wallet, my favorite must have shade of lipstick, a pack of peppermint gum, my iPod, lotion, Zicam, antibiotics, keys, two packs of Emergen-C (that worked well), a little perfume/body spray of Midnight Pomegranite and pink hot chocolate (from two weeks ago when I went to Tea with my friend Tami. I don't know why that's still in there. Ha! I typically have hand sanitizer but I left it at work along with my Kleenex I usually carry as well. Oh well, there you have it!

Now I'm supposed to tag a few chicks to play along. I choose...

1. Anya at Kareltje en ikke!

2. Lisa Michelle at Memoirs of a Wedding Planner

3. AndreaLeigh at My Chihuahua Bites

Okay guys, as usual play if you'd like but have fun with it and be honest girls. ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend in Bed

What a weekend. I'm just now feeling a little human and it's almost ten o'clock at night. I have been in bed all day with another migraine. It's been a long time since I've had two migraines within a month. No more!! I was feeling a bit okay this afternoon to catch a few pictures of the sun and beautiful day I missed today.

But first I'd like to start out by saying thank you to Koleen at Angels, Rabbits and Roses. I received my giveaway I won. This is the sweetest little cupid and heart pin. My heart blushed when I opened the package. I love it Koleen! Thank you!

It will be here with my angel wings until I wear it. :)

Also, to my cat blogging sister Anya over at Kareltje en ikke!, thank you for these two awards!! We share so much about how we love our cats. Anya is such a good friend to me. If we lived closer I told her my cats could have play dates with her cat Kareltje. :)

Jim was a sweetie and cheered me up with a box of Valentine's Day chocolates a sweet card with a love letter written in it and a Starbucks card. He knows I would rather have a Starbucks card than jewelry. ;) There's a bunch of chocolates with punched in bottoms. It's terrible but that's how I choose my chocolate. I couldn't eat too many because chocolates aren't good for migraines. I feel so terrible. I wasn't even well enough to get him anything. I will definitely make it up to him!

I spent the rest of the weekend with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Here are a few sunny shots I took for the 30 minutes I felt well enough to get something to eat in the kitchen and take a cool shower....

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day weekend! Oh, don't let the song fool you. I wasn't in Heaven all weekend. It's the first Fred Astaire song I could think of to go along with my pictures. ;)