Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh So Sweet Aprons!

If you haven't bought the premier issue of Sandra Lee Semi-Homeade, well...RUN OUT NOW! GO BUY IT! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Okay, it's not life threatening if you don't go get it now but seriously, it is the sweetest magazine! I wish it published every month but it publishes every other month. I have been thinking about aprons lately and thought perhaps I might buy myself one since I have been cooking more lately. Well to my surprise I found the one I want in this premier issue. They are a tad expensive, however. The company that sells the aprons is called Heavenly Hostess.

Then I scroll down the page some more and find these adorable headbands! Yes! I can even decorate my hair with food!

I did, however, find a cheaper apron that I may buy. This is from Victorian Trading Company and is only $19.95! The price is more my speed. Isn't it romantic?

By tomorrow I will probably not have a voice. After I told Jim that he said he'd love to have a wonderful evening with me tomorrow night. I think he said that because I probably won't be able to talk. :( Nice. Time for bed and a little cough syrup. Mocha told me to get the cough syrup. She kept giving me the evil eye everytime I coughed and woke us all up. :)


soulchocolate@hotmail.com said...

Oh wow! What a fancy twist on the aprons I am used to seeing. Get well real quick, in time for your lovely evening tomorrow night!

Anya said...

Kareltje blushes and that for a man HEHE
His favorite photo with his best friends =^.^=
He gives you and Quincy a big hug and a veryyyyyy big hug to Mocha :)))))))))))))

Some nice dresses you have on your blog :)
I would also sometimes a dress !!
I'm waiting for summer, cute summer clothes, I like that :)))
Enjoy your evening with Jim ;)
I think he has a surprise for you!!
Have funnnnnnn

April said...

What adorable aprons...I've been wanting one, too! I'm like you...the $19.95 price tag is more my speed.

Hope you don't end up losing your voice...that can be so frustrating! Try to take it easy and get better SOON!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Michelle,

Oh those are just so sweet!! I adore aprons too!! I have to go get that magazine, sounds great, thanks!!

Happy Cooking sweetie! Hugs, Cynthia

Heather said...

wow, i love all of those aprons. the first few look like dresses! i love how they are fitted. sounds like you are going to have a wonderful evening soon!

Tracey said...

I love Sandra Lee!! I am still not feeling well either.. coughing... coughing.. bronchitis! But I'm glad I stopped by to say hello and get well soon.. I'm going to have someone pick up that mag for me today to help me get better..

Chrissy said...

Never heard of that mag!!! I love the apron and the price of it!! Feel better soon, Chrissy

Kelly said...

I've never heard of that magazine.
I love the Victorian Trading Co. apron~it's more my style. Though I must admit, Steve does most of the cooking ha ha~I bake!

The Blonde Duck said...

I LOVEEEE those aprons. I need a holiday so I can demand one as a gift.

jen said...

That's the cuttest apron ever!!
I'm so glad you liked my mermaid!
Her giant hair is my favorite!
By the way, your kitty pictures are soooo sweet. What adorable babys!


lvroftiques said...

Hi Michelle! Tell me about the new mag! I've never even heard of it. I love all the aprons but I like the one from the Victorian Trading Co. best! *winks* I'm so sorry to read that you haven't been feeling well. There are lots of sick folks around here also. Just take it easy (let that BF take care of you) *winks* Thanks for coming on my shopping adventure with me. I was in Centrailia (tique capitol of Washington lol!) Have you ever ventured up there? I'm still waiting for the perfect weekend to head down to Portland. I think the expo show is coming up soon and it's always a winner! Are you going to go? Maybe I can meet up with ya if you do. Vanna

Patti said...

I love Sandra Lee- will have to find the mag. The last apron is my fav!!!! Even if the food doesn't turn out- think how cute you'll look -lol! Hope you're on the mend! Take care~


Amy Jemima said...

Those are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!!! Had never heard of Sandra Lee's new mag, but will have to look out for that. I have such an apron fetish and am so glad I came across your blog! :-)

AndreaLeigh said...

those are adorable! i must have one. i want to check out that sandra lee magazine as well.

Anya said...

Cats love it to sit on furniture :))
Therefore, these two( Kareltje and Mocha) fit so well together because they are so clean HEHE
But I brush every day Kareltje, he likes that very match, and that for a men HEHE
I told you he has with me a life as a king :)))))))))
Sleep well I hope you feel better today :))

fairmaiden said...

I have admired those aprons for a long time. But I had not seen the one from Trading Co. yet. It's the prettiest with that rosey ruffle. I want one!

The White Bench said...

Hi Michelle,
these are fabulous!!!!!!! I love aprons, too...
And thank you for that lovely comment you left!

Lisa Michelle said...

Cute Items! I will definitely check them out. So sorry you weren't feeling feel.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

CUUUUUTE!!!! I love aprons. I think I'll have to go check these sites out. (Cha-ching . . . but worth it because I will cook so much better with such cuteness covering me. Right?)