Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two Visions, One Life and My New Tea Towels!

A couple of weekends ago Jim came up with a great idea. It was sort of a rainy day, a day to stay inside in front of the fireplace. Jim thought it would be kinda of neat to do vision boards together but not together. We both do a vision board and not show one another until we're done. Then, see how close our visions are about how we see our life together. We trekked off to the local Goodwill store to find some magazines we could cut up because God forbid we cut up any of the thousands of magazines I have in my place that I "need to save". The rest of the afternoon we sat in front of the fireplace with some nice music playing and began cutting away! When we revealed both of our boards to one my amazement....we liked many similar things and had similar visions of how we see life as a couple.

Also, last weekend I bought these adorable Martha Stewart tea towels! I had to show them off. You know, I kinda realized I really do focus on food quite a bit. There are recipes on my tea towels, soaps in shapes of cupcakes, I want food when I'm sick. Ya think I have a bit of an obsession with food?

I hate to say this but I feel a cold coming on. Ugh. Maybe that's why I had my migraines. Itchy throat, runny nose, a little cough. Darn! Darn! Darn! Zicam here I come.

Quick Update/Prayers for Becky and Family: After I posted this I noticed, while visiting Kim's blog over at Daisy Cottage that Becky over at Sweet Cottage Dreams lost her oldest son this week. I don't know Becky that well but I have visited her lovely site before and wanted to ask that you please pray for her family and stop by her blog and send them some healing thoughts through this very hard time. I can't even imagine what it's like to lose a child, let alone have a child of my own but I can only imagine how tragic it would be. :( Becky my prayers go out to you and your family. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. May God and time heal your pain your family is going through now.


Anya said...

The first greetings to Jim !!!
You seem like a cute couple together :)
Nice towels you bought, which I find lovely :)
And even though I feel a cold coming :( thats not funny.........that you have in the winter brrrrr.
I am happy as the spring begins !!
Have a nice weekend :)

Tracey said...

Michelle, glad things are going well between you and Jim.And what a great idea to see if your on the same page...That's great!! I love the tea towels too and I have to say anything about food I'm right there with you! Hope you don't get sick, It's been a tough winter all the way around. Have a good day.

April said...

Love your vision boards...what a neat idea! Of course, mine would probably have nothing other than chocolate all over it and Chris' would be GOLF, GOlF, GOLF! :)

Pretty towels you found! Oh, I really hope you're not coming down with a nasty cold! That can make you feel so lousy! Load up on the Zicam...I really believe it works!

Ronda said...

I think it's wonderful to see that you and your sweetie are both going in the same direction. Isn't it encouraging to know that the "someone you love" is so much like yourself, and that there is so very much in common with one another.
Love & Prayers,

Kelly said...

Vision boards...what a GREAT idea! I think it's a great way to put things into perspective.
And I know what you mean about not "touching" the sacred magazines in storage-Just the other night as Steve was about to leave for the store. I asked him to pick up a magazine for me...One that he would have to search for no less amidst all the other decor ones on display (not something easy from a display near the check out counter). Anyhoo, he says, 'which one do you want'? .....Romantic
He bought it. The things guys do for love!! ;)

Sara said...

I love those towels!

Anonymous said...

You cracked me up about not wanting to cut up your millions of magazines! ;)

How wonderful that you and Jim are traveling down the same path, looking for the same future!!

Oh dear, I hope you don't get very sick! Stay well! Have some chicken-garlic soup!

Michelle said...

You know, I was looking at teh vision boards again....did ya'll notice two little sayings on there (FOOD RELATED)? "Live to Eat" and "Eat to Live". I couldn't even take my mind off of food while I was doing the boards. LOL!

Joy said...

Hi Michelle, LOL about not cutting up your thousands of magazines, I can totally relate to that! I treat mine like they're breakable or something like that---don't bend the corners! Don't get them wet! Jeeze, you'd think they were made out of gold or something!
Fun idea. Take it easy with the cold. Have some tea and cupcakes--you've got me thinking of nothing but cupcakes now.

Heather said...

what a neat idea to do together, yet seperately, yet together, lol! i'm so "there" with you about food! hope you don't get a bad cold. nathan just got over one, it took about 5 days.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Michelle,
It's great you & Jim share some the same visions, always a great thing! Cute tea towels, I think must of us are obsessed with food one way or another. If I turn on the Food Network, watch out I'll be there all day watching the Barefoot Contessa or Jamie Oliver - gotta love that man and his zest for life. I went over to Becky's although I do not know her and my prayers are with her at this time.

I hope you're feeling okay today and not sick just in time for the weekend. Take care and of course, drink lots of juice... ah... I eat whatever you're craving ;)
xo~Tracie said...

Hi Michelle! Take care and get well real soon! Try sniffing a bunch of herbs or something! I love the idea of vision boards with your significant other! Happy for you that all's well on the homefront! Spring will arrive faster than you imagine!!

fairmaiden said...

Cute tea towels. I woke with the same cold! Darn! But I'd rather it be now than valentine weekend. Kissing with snot isn't too fun, huh? Hope you're feeling better soon.

Zaroga said...

It looks like you and Jim are melding :-)

My prayers are with Becky and her family.

Michelle, please pick up the Lemonade Award at my blog: I was just too sick to name specific names. You really deserve the award again and again :-)

Patti said...

Hi Michelle~ I love the idea of vision boards. I have a few friends that have made them and they look and sound so cool. I just haven't gotten around to doing it- I guess on my vision board would be a vision board-hahaha! Hope you are feeling better. Have a great day!

Small House said...

What a great idea. How fun that day must have been.

Stay warm, and feel well.

texasdaisey said...

Very cool idea.