Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus. I had so much going on and was still trying to snap out of my depression. I am finally out of it. I can feel the difference and thank God. That was probably one of the worst depressions I have been in since living here. I'm pretty sure the drab weather had a lot to do with it but with my sister and niece visiting me it really helped me find that spark of happiness again. :)

Good coffee and chocolate croissants from Trader Joes (thanks to my sister's recommendation) helped out with the happiness factor. :) If you haven't tried these croissants from Trader Joes I highly recommend you run right over to your nearest TJ's and buy a couple of these packages. They taste as fresh as a croissant straight out of a Paris bakery!

Janet and Paris finally arrived! I showed them to the guest bedroom and this is the first thing Paris found and tried on. I think she makes a beautiful angel. :)

Right after, she found her new best friend who kept her company the whole time!

Quincy was such a good sport and was even man enough to wear a barrette. Lol

The next day I took Paris to the cat shelter to play with even MORE cats. I'm sure she had her fill of cats during her visit.

There were even a few Easter chicks there. Aren't they precious?

That's it for now! More on my next post and it will be very soon. I promise this time! All the kitties are doing fine.....Emma had one asthma attack a few days ago but I figured out how to gain control of it at home with help of her inhaler and instructions from the vet to increase her prednisone dosage. It's so funny, now Emma sees the inhaler and doesn't run. I think she now knows it makes her feel better.

More to come!


Janet said...

We had such a great time sis! I love your pictures and great storytelling:) xoxox

Kritter Keeper said...

glad you are back! i gave you an award over on my blog!

so sorry you experience s.a.d. i do too. i know a bit how you feel. being outside and in the sun helps me. the grey days are difficult. poor kitty! his face says it all. love that kitty shelter...looks so nice and the fireplace is awesome!

LissyLou said...

Good to see you back and feeling better x

Sophie said...

Welcome back, my dear friend!

i am sorry to hear that you suffered from a depression!! That's too bad!!
I am glad that you are feeling better!!

We missed you! The Spa hotel looks just georgous & I am glad that you had fun with your nieces!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. Sounds like the kitty babies and your sweet sister and niece did the trick.:)

AshTreeCottage said...

It always helps to visit with family! I am glad to hear that you are feeling happier now. I am in love with that fireplace too!!

Susan and Bentley

jen said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by glad you're better.
I go through little phases myself.
I have no family can get under your skin sometimes!

Quincey is such a patient kind soul...I think he looked quite handsome in the hair clip!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Michelle, I'm suppose to be working on a new post, but I saw you were back and had to come by to say
H-E-L-L-O!! With each ray of sunshine I feel better. You'd think after being away from So-Cal for 27 years I would be acclimated. I don't like the(put me on a rotisserie) kind of heat my sis has in Hemet! I know they say it's a "dry heat"!! Call it what you want, either way, I'm perspiring by the bucket fulls and I swear I hear myself sizzle whenever I step out from my sis's air conditioned house into 110 degrees.
Okay I digress....
I would imagine having your sis and niece in town to play was a great remedy for the S.A.D
Quince's face was hilarious, what a good sport
I've heard the Bonnivile spa is luxurious!! Did you take you're sis and niece to the falls or Dam?
I live 3 minutes from the (Vancouver WA) TJ's!!! Those croissants are decadent. Next time try them with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and or ice cream.
Hey, I see a post somewhere in there, lol.

Sweet wishes,

Hisako Hill said...

Hi Shell!

I really enjoyed your blog !!

I love to see my children keeping a close relationship with each other. It's a good thing:)

Looking forward to see you soon.

I love you very much!!


Randi Troxell said...

paris is so ADORABLE in her wings.. a perfect angel...

sorry you were feeling so bad.. i hope you continue to feel better.. i'll be thinking of you..

Heather said...

i'm so glad you all had fun and they had a great visit. yay for no more funk or depression! it's springtime, no time for that stuff! lol.
glad you're back :)

Joy said...

The expression on Quincy's face when Paris is holding him... it is so funny. It looks like he's saying, "Mom, what on earth is going on?" Glady to hear that your spirits are up. The bad weather gets to me too... I wake up to a gray day and I have no motivation nor energy--and don't even care. Thank God nice days are here again. Take care!

Melissa said...

Could you be any more fabulous?

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am smiling from ear to ear seeing Quincy in his barrett!! He's such a ham!

How wonderful you had your sister and niece come to visit!

I am so glad you are feeling better.


fairmaiden said...

Wow that is a gorgeous place you stayed at in Washington. So glad you are feeling better. Family is always there when we are most in need. And you are lucky to have such a wonderful one. Your family visits you more than mine does me and I live in the same state as mine!

BTW I would never know you've been depressed by the looks of are so pretty and always have a cheerful smile on your face.

I have learned from going through depression in the past that I have to get out and be with people and do things. Even if it is just to a really helps me.