Monday, January 10, 2011

My little secrets....

I'm not sure why this ran across my mind tonight as I looked at this picture. I'm not sure how I even came across this picture but I stared at it. Stared at her. What was she doing? What was she thinking? What was she hiding? A secret? We all have little secrets we don't like telling everyone but I'm going to start the year clean and tell you a few of mine. Don't ask why. I just thought it brave of me. :)

1. I am deathly afraid of water.
2. I'm a terrible procrastinator.
3. I'm highly unorganized.
4. I often do not finish what I start.
5. I am a daydreamer.
6. I have been suffering from insomnia, sometimes going to bed at 3 a.m.
7. I have to admit this but often love animals more than human beings.
8. I have seeing a therapist in my life.
9. I feel as though something big is on the horizon...something I will accomplish but don't know what it is yet.
10. I have a thing for bad boys (and I have a crush on Mark Wahlberg).
11. Almost all my friends are older than I am.
12. I regret never having children and becoming a full time mom.
13. I sometimes feel like a failure.
14. I never exercise.
15. I love puffed Cheetos.
16. I love Dots.
17. I want to make a quilt someday but am afraid of giving up before it's finished.
18. I wish I lived closer to my family. I miss them everyday.
19. I want to please everyone but know I can't and it hurts me when I can't.
20. I love driving long distances. It gives me time to think (and sing out loud).

What are your secrets?


LissyLou said...

very insightful. we all have fears - you are brave to highlight them x

Kathleen said...

You are an amazing girl!
1) I Never regreat NOT having children
2) I am thin-skinned and hurt very easily
3) I love those bad boys too....and Johnny Depp
4) I don't really have a best friend
5) Can't bear to open my soul anymore than this

Hugs, Kathleen

Randi Troxell said...

you really ARE brave.. and never a failure... i think you are pretty amazing.. and it's like i always say.. it takes all kinds of ppl to make this world spin!!!

by the way-- that whole loving animals more than people sometimes.. i am so there with you-- they don't expect anything from us but love, food, and water.. and that is wonderfully refreshing... have a beautiful day!

kerrie of sea cottage said...

You are so likeable, secrets and all. That photo reminds me of the actress zoey can't spell her last name...the one in 500 Days Of Summer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others who said you're brave for sharing your secrets! I can relate to many of your secrets, but I envy that you like to drive. I hate to drive; I have dh chauffeur me most place and only drive if I absolutely have to.

Hmm, I guess that was my secret...LOL!

xoxo to you and the kitties!

Anonymous said...

Very brave of you to share such secrets with your blog friends! You now need to leave a list of all of the things you are proud of...because we all think you are fabulous! Never regret my friend!

Joanne Kennedy said...

OMG! It was so strange to read what you wrote. I could have made that list myself. Well, everything except the long drives. I hate long drives.

Sure wish you still lived here in CA, I think we would have been best friends.

Chatelaine said...

Nice to learn a little more about you. It would be boring if you were perfect right?

Some of your perceived flaws are the same as mine. We must have been separated at birth.

Lisa said...

I think many of us share points on your list. It's what makes us human.
PS I love Donnie Wahlberg.:)

The Blonde Duck said...

I always tell Ben the only people I like are animals, children and old people. LOL. But bless you for not having kids because you "had to."

lvroftiques said...

Hi Michelle! It was so great to hear from you!
Sheesh girl you could BE me! Except for that wishinhg family lived closer thing....I wish mine lived a little farther away *winks* And my friends are both older and younger than me but almost never my age. But the rest are a total go!
This was BRAVE so put that on your list of things you ARE!
And any time you want to go for a long drive, come up my way! Vanna

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle!

Glad to hear from you again!! I am glad that I & my husband don't have children! We love it!

Many hugs & kisses from your friend, Sophie!

C-ingspots said...

I have a lot of respect for you for posting those truths about yourself...a refreshing change from people who only post about the "happy things", instead of being more truthful. That list in many respects could be mine as well...we have a lot in common apparently.