Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is your vision for 2012?

First off, Happy New Year, everyone! I am so glad 2011 is over with. I am thankful for so many things that had happened this past year but this year seemed to have more struggles than others. One of my biggest struggles was losing Mocha, as you well know. It's still hard for me to look at pictures or talk about her without crying.

HOWEVER, one of my goals (I don't like saying New Year's resolution because when I say that I never stick to it) is to look at the positive side of things. I am thankful for all that I have in my life and appreciate these gifts everyday. :) So, what will be will be and for now, I take things day by day and try to be the happiest I can be everyday.

Anyhoo, I'm rambling. To start out the new year, my girlfriend and I decided to get together and create vision boards. Have you seen those? It's where you cut things out of magazines, pictures, words, or whatever it is you want to put on it that will reflect what you want in your life and that's what we did. We had a nice quiet and fun evening putting these together along with munchies and a bottle of wine. Quincy and Emma are in disagreement since I convinced her to bring Sage, her puppy (well big puppy) over. Needless to say, Emma spent the evening under the bed but Quincy, well I'm a little impressed. He stood his ground with Sage and would not budge..hissed a little...raised his back a little....went poof with his fur and Sage actually left him alone. I think she may have been afraid a bit. Lol! It was very funny to watch. Quincy and Emma have been around dogs before but not one this big. Sage is such a puppy herself, I knew things would be okay.

I am so proud of Quincy though! He stood up for what he believed in and didn't run in fear. We need to take advice from him for the New Year, right? I, myself, am taking his advice and taking a risk this year on something big but I will have to wait to tell you. I'll have to see how it turns out first. If it's successful, I'll tell ya. If not, maybe you'll forget I said anything. ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful celebration and like me, start 2012 off with only positive thoughts!



Christine said...

Vision boards...forgot all about those. Just what I need! I had a journal way back when, with the same purpose but haven't used the technique since. Perfect way to keep from drifting aimlessly through the year.
And yes to a positive outlook! We're on similar paths in that respect, in fact I just wrote something of that nature on Monday. I think it'll make a big difference in the quality of my life! Here's to your vision, dreams and a great year!!

Neabear said...

Sounds like you have a good approach there and on the right track. I am hoping to accomplish way more than I did in 2012 in getting UFO's finished and just making other things I have seen that I want to make. A more creative year I hope. And to continue to read. I read 26 books in 2011. I am hoping to beat that number in 2012.

Happy New Year to you!


Tracey said...

It's good to hear from you.. I'm happy your getting a vision for 2012 and get yourself gearing up for something Big!! I've made one of these boards a long time ago...I put on it things I love, things about me and thing I wanted to do...I'll have to post about it gave me a reason to look at it again. Keep in touch and know you are thought of very often.. keep warm!! Love and hugs ...Tracey

mrstuxtattoo said...

Hey Michelle! I'm hoping for a much better year in 2012 too. 2011 was awful. I had several family members pass away too. Thank God it's over. Looking forward to catching up on your blog!

TeresaR said...

Quincy's my hero! Happy 2012!

WicketsMom said...

Go Quincy...go Quincy! Excellent reminder for how I should be entering the new year. Fearless! I love vision boards and your evening making one sounds so cozy! Thanks for sharing. :O)

Chatelaine said...

A vision board is a great idea. And it must have been really fun to do with a friend.

I wish my Molly was like Quincy. She always backs down against the "boys" here.

I hope you have a great 2012.

Debbie said...

Oh Michelle I totally agree!! I think 2011 was a horrible year and I too lost a dear furry family beloved Obie (jack russell). I miss him every day and I also cannot look at photos yet without crying. Wow...we must both be so tender hearted and sensitive towards animals. How can anyone not be? I like the vision board idea...I may just try that. I am going to take your advice and just march forward into 2012 and pray for a better year...a healthier year. I love your enthusiasm and your love for animals. Don't ever change're a wonderful soul.

Island Buzzy said...

Hi Michelle! I've been dragging behind a bit, but something told me tonight that I would be encouraged via one of my blogger friends...and I think you're it! Yes, I will remember the story of Quincy when I feel like backing down, thank you! I will be praying for the possible "big thing" in your life this year...I am also at that place. Like you, I am not 100% that it will happen, but if it doesn't I want it to be because it wasn't meant to be, not because I was afraid...unlike Quincy! Thank you for the encouragement! Much aloha, Connie