Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Someone get me a can of tuna! Meow

The only time you will see me dressed up as a CAT.  Lol!    I cannot believe I had to work in this today but my office literally forced me.    I told them I would in exchange for cans of tuna.   I tried it on at home and I scared the cats out of their fur, well almost.   Quincy's eyes nearly bugged out of his head and everyone else ran under the bed.    I can imagine what they were thinking.   Crap!  Mom has finally turned into one of us!  



Tracey said...

You look wonderful and I'm sure your beautiful cats were thinking...yeah.... she is one of us!! We love her!! Oh could they not love are a wonderful mom to them! Glad your doing well and that you're enjoying Halloween!! Have a great night.. Happy Halloween!!

Teresa Robeson said...

LOL! Poor Quincy. You tell him we think you look maaah-velous, not scary. ;D

Zaroga said...

haha... the kitties are scared of giants kitties. You did look marvelous.

Chatelaine said...

Of course you would be Catwoman! Glad you are back blogging. Will check you out on Pinterest and Facebook. Did you say 4 kitties? I thought you had 2.