Thursday, August 21, 2014

~Swooning over Small Spaces~

So I've been daydreaming lately about small houses and cottages.   Seems so often I hear people dreaming of mansions and bigger homes but who wants to clean all that space?   I can barely clean my 1300 sq. ft. condo!   Let's get serious here, the older I'm getting the lazier I'm getting about cleaning.     I really only probably use half the space in my condo anyway. I want efficiency.  I want small.  I want practicality but still cute.  :)  In fact, I'd rather have a small cottage (Eco friendly) and room for chickens and a garden to live off of.  One year my girlfriend and I lived off her garden for an entire summer! The veggies were fresh, organic and they tasted like nothing I tasted that came out of a store.   So, I'll continue to dream of a goal of having this all one day.  

Here are a few ADORABLE cottages I can see myself living in.    I love, love, love the idea of a screened in porch for the cats and here in the Northwest since it rains a lot, it will be a nice way to kind of relax in the outdoors without getting wet.

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Now this is a prefab home.    I wouldn't mind purchasing a prefab home, paying it off quickly and be mortgage free.  

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The inside is sweet!

 Its own screened-in porch on one side.

Another prefab!   Only 777 sq. ft.  Serious swooning here!

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Who would have thought a prefab home could be so cute!  My alternative way of thinking is dreaming of an alternative way of living.  :)  Conformity is overrated anyway.  At least in my opinion.

Mr. Fancy Pants says hi.  

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!   xoxo


C-ingspots said...

I don't understand the love affair with McMansions either, or with the mortgage payments that go along. I'm not sure that I'd want a really small place, but a small cottage of 1000-1200 sq. feet sounds about perfect. And I love the screened in porches too! A place to enjoy the sound of raindrops without getting drenched. I am in love with some prefabs I've seen...they make amazing floor plans and have lots more storage than the typical stick-built home. And being mortgage free is my dream!! You have some really cute ones here. Dream on girl!! If we don't dream, we'll never accomplish...

Seawashed said...

I prefer cottage living over a castle. I love these tiny homes and am happy that they are so popular.

Donna A said...

Lately my husband is fascinated by going on Youtube and seeing all the little houses people are living in. I'm sure a little one on a nice piece of property is in my future, which I love. Amazing the space saving creativity people have. Less stuff and less dirt to clean. Yay!!!!

Lisa said...

Both of them are adorable and the yellow one positively gives me the vapors! So cute! Either one would be perfect for you and the kitties.:)

Anonymous said...

I used to read your blog ages ago. I am so glad that I refound my way back.


Susan Freeman said...

Hi old friend! I have not visited you for a long time and stopped by today and read this lovely post. Coincidentally, I wrote a post last weekend about little cottage crushing. I love that first cottage. It is so well thought out and charming. The screened in porch is perfection! Have a wonderful weekend and it's good to be in touch with you once again. By the way, I moved from Idaho to Texas just last year.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Chatelaine said...

I agree I would consider downsizing . My condo is about 1200 sq ft and the size is perfect but to be mortgage free and retire early would be heaven!

I have seen so many adorable tiny homes on the internet. I think it is the wave of the future.