Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Right Kind of Eggs

So I stumbled across this brand of eggs when I was visiting my girlfriend and her husband.   We had an afternoon of cooking, laughing, drinking wine (of course) and baking.   Needless to say, we failed at the baking part but when she pulled out these eggs, I was amazed at the information!   I mean just look at the container.   Now these are the RIGHT kind of eggs to buy.   Am I right?   Vitale Farms is located in Texas.   Click here if you want to read more about them!   Their website is full of information...the RIGHT kind of information we need to know about how hens should be raised and respected.   Granted, the eggs are a bit more costly, but if it gives me the peace of mind I want...then I will spend the money.

I love the colorful, fun and happy packaging.

They even had a profile of the Bird of the Month! I love it!   I mean come on...gotta give credit to these beautiful birds that are providing us sustenance, right?   Also a profile of one of the farmers.  :)

Now this is the kind of pasture they deserve.  

Check them out, especially their website.  It was worth it for me.   If the human race can learn a little respect, love and kindness to each other and animals, this would be a much happier and much different world to live in.  :)


Zaroga said...

Yes, this type of egg definitely better. My husband and I raised chickens for a while for the eggs. It is a bit of work. We had them in a large pen in the woods just behind our quarters... hubby was in the Army. We could have been kicked off post for having them. Now my sister-in-law is raising chickens. Awesome eggs!

Lisa said...

That is the cutest packaging EVER! I'd buy the eggs just to get the container.LOL

C-ingspots said...

Very cute packaging, but shipped here all the way from Texas? Hmmmm, or you could buy eggs from a local, small flock tender. That's what we do, and you can absolutely taste the difference! The eggs are so very fresh and the yolks are deep, dark golden orange that stand up proudly when you crack them, plus the whites stay very contained as well. But I absolutely DO agree with treating all animals with respect. We as a country, should be so ashamed for the inhumane ways in which our food and/or food producing animals are raised and treated. Just wrong on all levels!! Chickens are nice, if given a chance too. :)