Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Street of Dreams

So the last couple weekends my good friend Bryan and I attended the Street of Dreams. They have it here every year in Portland (not sure if they have it anywhere else) but it's a tour of new homes or in this case penthouses/lofts that are open to the public and some of them are over a million dollars. Yea, there's reason why it's called the Street of Dreams! Lol! Anyway, we had so much fun! Here are a few highlights of things that I saw that caught my eye. :) Enjoy!

Oh first, I caught this picture of Quincy laying around. I just love how he "regally" crosses his paws. :)

This was a sitting room in one of the penthouses. I LOVED this daybed. Yea, I looked up the maker/store that this bed came from. Uh huh, I only have to drop $7,000 for this puppy. I think I will stick to garage sales. ;) I am thinking of turning my guest bedroom into a "sitting" room but with a setup like this. And of course with LOTS of big, fluffy, dreamy pillows.

Love this! Sometimes I feel like him. Lol! But ya know...he kinda looks peaceful in there.

I just LOVE this artist. I didn't get the name...but I'm sure I can find out.

Especially love this one. It was in the entryway of this penthouse. What a welcome into this place, huh?

This sconce was, by far, my favorite piece! I mean have you ever seen anything like it? The pentouses all had different names. This penthouse was called The Sky Watch.

Love it!

And this one is so sweet. Reminds me of something that would be in a nursery and I believe this penthouse did have a nursery.

Isn't this elegant? Heck the frame alone is gorgeous!

Even MORE elegance...

Now this is one of a kind. I had to get a picture of this.

I LOVED this chandelier!

And this dining room! Love that huge painting back there.

I have so many more pictures but I will break them up in different posts. I don't want to overwhelm you'll be like me, dreaming every night that I live in a place as elegant as these....with a crown of course...oh and my two Afghan hounds beside me....a butler....okay, time to go dream. :) *sigh*


MJ said...

I want a butler!!! LOL

Great pics. Can't believe that daybed was that much money!! Crazy!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh wow, I totally love the painting of the girl with the black hair, just gorgeous.

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh how beautiful! The sconce was my favorite. Gorgeous!


Anya said...

Lovely shots today
but Quincy is the star
He is super CUTE :))

HUgs to all
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

Nora Johnson said...

Love the chandeliers & the paintings!

But as for the butler an' all, why not hop across the Atlantic to Malaga airport where Daniel- Clive's still off duty:( -will pick you up & whisk you anywhere you want!! Utter luxury!! No expense spared!!

PS Quincy is just purrfect!! Glad you enjoyed Nora's playing too!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool tour! My home will never look like any of those in a billion yrs. I, too, love that sconce! Maybe you can try making that for your next hobby? =)

Quincy, oh how I love you!!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

My sister in-law lives in Portland and she took me to the Street of Dreams one year, I thought it a great idea. I'm so snoopy, I love lookng other peoples pretty and interesting things. My mother used to take my sister and I for walks at night and we would, ever so descreetly, look into the well lit living rooms of local homes and try to guess what the people were like. Street of Dreams is such a legitimate way to fufill this longing to enjoy other peoples lives.

Maggi said...

Wowowowowow, you saw some fabulous stuff! I love those paintings of the girls!

Janet said...

Wow those are really neat pictures - so nice to peek into someone else's imagination and design mind:)

Kathleen said...

Oh what fun that must have been. I just love seeing how people decorate their homes (big fan of H & G TV here). It's great for getting ideas, and ispiration. I adore the bear sweet. Hugs, Kathleen

Randi Troxell said...

beautiful pics... and seriously! tell quincy that i think he's major handsome!!

Zaroga said...

A beautiful place... love the flowers int he beautiful frame.

LillySue said...

What a great way to spend the day!
I love the sconce best too!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Looking at these I realize, I need more money so I can live like this... sigh. All the paintings are amazing and that sconce... I need that! Thanks for sharing... I'll be dreaming away now...

The Blonde Duck said...


Heather said...

wow that is one heck of a place! love the daybed and love the bear :)

Jasmim said...

Really beautiful! One day (when I and my mom will be rich "OMG") we can have a house like this ^^

Domestic Witch said...

Wow love that daybed too! What a cool weekend activity!