Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have a new food obsession

They're green, small, crunchy and salty. They're teeny tiny but they can be so addicting!

You can tell how many times I've reached for these. :)

What's your snack obsession of the moment?


Nora Johnson said...

Hi Michelle!

My 3 obsessions are chocolate, chocolate and chocolate! (What you might call a cheap date!!)

Have a lovely weekend!


PS Love to kitties xx

Anya said...

Icecream :P

My list is to long I think .... ;)

Hugs for my love Mocha
and friends Emma Quincy and Mommy
from Kareltje =^.^=

Have a nice weekend Michelle
enjoy your new food obsession

((hugs)) Anya :)

MJ said...

Peanuts, almonds, any kind of salty nuts! YUM!!!

Lisa said...

Those look yummy! Anything salty AND crunchy is a sure winner.:)

Joanne Kennedy said...

I'm not sure if I would like these at all. In fact I am pretty sure I wouldn't. I hate peas. But I would try them seeing as how they are fried and have salt. Those are two things I do love.


betsy S said...

My obsession right now is cheesecake. Not good for the hips but, none the less!

I've seen those peas and wondered how they tasted. Maybe I'll give them a try.


Lisa said...

I have to try those! I love salty and crunchy.

MarZel said...

My three obsessions are:

2)My husband's cheesecake

Anonymous said...

I thought those were wasabi peas at first. I think I might like these better! My current obsessions aren't edible...oddly enough. ;)

Maggi said...

Oooo those look good, never had those! I'm always about some chocolate for a snack. lol

P.S.-You've totally gotten me addicted to Nancy Today! LOL

vanillasugar said...

ohhhh i have to look for those. i am addicted to those spicy & sweet pecans at TJ's. have you tried those? and those mini mint oreo ice cream sammies--don't buy those, i'm warning you

Kathleen said...

I am into sugar free popscicles. Almost no all want.
hugs, Kathleen

Randi Troxell said...

i already love green peas... but fried... ruh-roh!!!!

Angie said...

My latest obsessions are Non-dairy Chocolate Mint Ice Cream, and I recently discovered a dairy-free version of Peppermint Patties.

Heather said...

interesting. i'm pretty sure we wouldn't agree on those, LOL. my current guilty pleasure snack is my gluten free donuts :)
i'm getting soooo fat!

Tracey said...

Michelle,, how funny your are!! You could fry plastic and it would be great...Fried Peas??! I'll have to look for them in the grocery store.. Hope all is well and your doing okay. I'm doing much better and think I'm on the upswing!! Miss you much!1

Patti said...

Thos look delicious actually!! My snack obsession is hummus- all flavors and pretzels

AshTreeCottage said...

My snack obsession du jour is spinach and artichoke dip served with Carr's water biscuits. However, after seeing your fried green peas, I may have just found a new one!! At least we are getting our veggies, right??

Susan and Bentley

The Blonde Duck said...

Blue corn chips and salsa!

Tea Time With Melody said...

oh, I just can't get into that snack, eeeeeeeeeh no.

Joy said...

Fried green peas? Are they nutritous? I can't stand regular peas-- should I try these? As for a food obsession, I'd have to say chocolate is #1. If I haven't had any for a few days, I have to make a chocolate run!