Saturday, May 15, 2010

Walking Bentley

This weekend was so beautiful. Actually, the last few days have been gorgeous, gorgeous! My new best friend is the sun. :) Aside from the sun, one of my wonderful girlfriend's, Sue, is unfortunately going through chemotherapy right now for breast cancer. Sue has been such a trooper through all her treatments and hospital stays. I truly admire her courage, strength and kind heartedness. The last week or so I offered to help out whenever possible and that included WALKING BENTLEY. Yep, Bentley, Sue's adorable and so-full-of-energy Goldendoodle. Recently we took an invigorating walk through her neighborhood. Bentley got out and I got to spy the beautiful houses along blossomed tree-lined streets. We both had a great time and I got some energy out of Bentley. Lol!

I had to take a picture of this tree. Look at those pink refreshing to see bright spring colors.

Yes Bentley, that's the UPS man. I'll protect you!

The neighborhood that Sue lives in is an older area with one of my favorite style of home, the bungalow.

Yes Bentley, keep going.

Picture time! You mind well Bentley! Good boy!

I do have to tell you all a funny story. When I got Sue home from the hospital (along with Bentley who was being watched by our friend Susan), we got Bentley inside and as I was unloading the car I heard Sue scream for Bentley. He had gotten out! I took off running after him, lol. Unfortunately the neighbor had their front door wide open and in goes Bentley, dashing in at full speed then a few seconds later I hear a woman SHRIEK! Out comes Bentley running as fast as he can. Lol! I'm sure the woman was shocked to see a huge white ball of fur diving into the front door but hey, in my book, you leave your front door open, it's an invitation to all creatures. Lol! Long story short, I was able to get him safely home where he was mildly scolded. How can you scold a cutie like that? Lol!

On a final note, if you can all say a prayer for Sue, I would be ever so grateful. She's doing wonderful through her treatments but it's never easy. Thank you, thank you! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying Spring!


Sophie said...

Hello my friend!

This is such a funny & lovely post! hahahahahaha,..

I will be thinking of Sue!

Nora Johnson said...

Bentley looked as if he really enjoyed himself!

Have a lovely weekend!


Tracey said...

Bentley is adorable.. your a great friend Michelle, I know that your friend Sus appreiciates it. prayers going out to her and I hope you continue to be good as well.. hugs to you!!

AshTreeCottage said...

Well I just had to come over and see the "other" Bentley!! Oh my, he is so adorable! Just look at that smiling face. I want to reach through the screen and give him a big hug!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I have several friends who have been through breast cancer recently and all have come through it just fine. The chemo is so hard, I know. Tell your friend to stay positive and not give up hope. I will remember her in my prayers. You are a sweet friend Michelle, and she's lucky to have you by her side!!

Susan and Bentley

Maggi said...

What a cute dog! I will be praying for Sue!

Rainy Day Farm said...

What a cutie pie. I LOVE that neighborhood, it is absolutely adorable. Sue is a lucky lady to live in such a cute neighborhood with such a cute dog.
Hey, I gave you an award. Come over to my blog and check it out.

fairmaiden said...

will do...pray.

Bentley is a doll. And your walk is a beautiful one.

Now about those fried peas...I tried them a year ago! Yuck!!! Sorry. I didn't like em one bit. I would have to say my snack obsession at the moment is a handleful of cashews. I prefer almonds...but cashews have been my thing lately. And dried apricots, yum!

Always thinking of you dear friend...and one day we will meet in person...I just know it! ox

Lisa said...

Aww what a cutie and what a beautiful neighborhood. I'll be sending lots of peace and healing vibes to Sue.

Chatelaine said...

What a sweetie Bentley is. Nice of you to take over dog walking duties.
Will keep Sue in my prayers. We have 4 women at the bank where I work undergoing treatment.

allhorsestuff said...

Totally saying a prayer for your Sue friend!
Sorry I was so saddened last time I spoke to heart is getting better now, just was raw...right when you called.

You are such a great friend Misha. Bentley is a cutie and I was hysterically laughing a second ago with the "open door event"!

Be well, and don;t be afraid to call me again, K!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Michelle~What an adventure for Sir Bentley. That women may have been afraid her by surprise visitor, but I bet he was more afraid of the neighbor when she squealed!

To no're a sweet friend to be there for Sue.
We have no extended family living here, so when we're in need we look to our (small) circle of friends. It means a lot to have your friends as a soft place to fall.

I notice those fried peas are from Harry & Davids. The closet one was at the Troutdale outlet mall (if it's still there). I was hoping I could get them from TJ's or Whole Foods. I guess I'll have to stick with the old stand by...fried sugar snaps from TJ's. Did I tell you there's a Trader Joes 5 min. from my house. Have you've ever tried their sesame sticks? They're addictive, but great in any salad.

I hope you had a nice **sunny** day with Sue. I'll keep her in my thoughts. Unfortunately my BF went through it twice, but "survived!"
Give Sue a big hug and tell her that she surrounded by our support of well wishes.

Sweet wishes,

AndreaLeigh said...

you are a good friend! prayers for sue, and what a cutie that bentley is.

Kathleen said...

bently is a handsome boy....lucky yo for having a date with him!

Hugs, Kathleen

Anya said...

Bentley is soooooooooooo CUTE :))
Nice to walk with him !!!

I hope all is well
with you all ........ LOL
I mean really all
you Mocha Quincy & Emma !!

Hugs from us
Kareltje =^.^=

The Blonde Duck said...

He's so fuzzy!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

He's so cute.

Chrissy said...

Michelle!!!!!! So glad you came by,I have thought about you often!! Bentley is as cute as a button!!! Talk to you soon!!! x0x0x

Daisy Cottage said...

What a wonderful post and what a wonderful FRIEND you are! Bentley is adorable!

I will keep precious Sue in my thoughts and prayers.



Randi Troxell said...

beautiful pics.. and what a cutie bentley is too!

Kelly and Sara said...

Just found your blog, cute! Love polka dots! Hope you are having a great week!

Pam said...

Good thoughts heading to Sue. Bentley is beautiful and so is Sue's neighborhood. I love those kinds of houses too.

I am glad I had my volume up when I came to your page. The Billy Holiday song is my very favorite song and I haven't heard it for so long.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of your friend, Sue, Michelle...she is lucky to have a dear friend like you! Bentley sure is a cutie pie, but I'll still take Quincy any day! :) Big hugs to you!

Joy said...

Those are some great photos, Michelle. You're right, it is a lovely neighborhood, and that, so pretty. Now, this past winter is just a bad memory!