Sunday, July 18, 2010

Morning Time with Quincy and Emma

Every morning when I get up Quincy and Emma have a ritual. We have to go out on the deck and have some fresh catnip...oh and checkout everything to make sure nothing changed overnight. Lol! Quincy, of course, always has to be the star. :) It looks like I'm ignoring Emma with the catnip but she already had her share that morning. :) Mocha is usually upstairs finishing her breakfast in bed. I'm pathetic, I know. Oh and Mocha is still doing very well by the way! It's been almost five months since the doctor felt she may have had a tumor. If it is one, I am hoping it's a very slow growing one. Then again, maybe she doesn't have one. In any event, she is still demanding with her food, is steady with her weight and runs up the stairs faster than me! :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Oh yes, one more thing. Checkout the latest giveaway over at Coastal Sisters. The blog button to the giveaway is on my sidebar to the right below my pinup girl! LuLu is SO talented! At least checkout her website! The button should bring you right over. :)


LuLu Kellogg said...

Is he adorable or what? Emma is so pretty!

I love it when you post videos of them!


The Urban Cowboy said...

Your Quincy is a big ole fur ball! I think shag rug comes to mind. :)

Hoping that Mocha is fine.

Oh yea, love your sound effects. ;)

Nora Johnson said...

My, how pretty they all are - and hoping too Mocha's fine!

Have a marvellous week ahead & love to all yr kitties,


Chatelaine said...

Of course animals have their morning rituals just like we do.
Molly always follows me to the bathroom first thing in the morning.

Oscar is much lazier and he doesn't even get out of bed until
much later.

Your kitties are so cute!

MarZel said...

So Cute!!!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Omg... morning catnip, fresh from the garden & belly rubs... life doesn't get much better! =D

I absolutely <3 your cats! They are so cute, I could pop... ^-^

I'm glad to know I'm not the only cat lady that makes noises at her cats... XD
Hope Mocha is well & that she's fit as a fiddle in no time! ^-^

Randi Troxell said...

cutest friggin video EVER...
i don't know if i've ever really nocticed emma before.. she is such a lovely doll...

and so good to hear that mocha is still doing well.. hope it stays that way..

i love your kitties!!!!!

AshTreeCottage said...

Your babies are so sweet! Quincy just loves the camera and Emma is so precious. Glad to hear that Mocha is doing well!!

Susan and Bentley

Cellar Door said...
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MJ said...

Oh Michelle - that was adorable!!! Thanks for sharing it. So glad to hear Mocha is doing well. Please say doggie prayers for Finn. He has had diarrhea off and on for the last week. I am trying to get ahold of the vet right now.

Cellar Door said...

(Goodness! I'll get the hang of this "commenting" soon, I hope. This marks my second try! Pardon my duplicate posts/erasures.) Quincy is my kind of people. I, too, am in the habit of checking out everything to make sure nothing changed overnight! lol

Wonderful kitters ~~ I especially like Quincy's coat!

Cellar Door, who is just getting started at

Debbie said...

God that was an adorable video!!!! I was right there with ya patting Quincy on the belly and coo-cooing! Both cats are adorable. I hope your Mocha is fine...will say a prayer. The fresh catnip is such a wonderful idea and they love it!

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you had a good weekend!

Tulip Bliss said...

Very Cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I sooooo love your kitty cats, it's killing me!! I agree with your friend who said he looks like shag carpeting...LOL! But he is the cutest ever shag carpeting! ;D Emma is so darling too. I'm really glad to hear that Mocha continues to do well.

We're going to kitty-sit for a friend next week; we can't wait! xoxo to you all!