Monday, November 7, 2011

Still here....

We've just been healing from our loss of Miss Mocha...and being sick for weeks on end. Quincy and Emma have taken wonderful care of me. :) The kitties have even gone through a change since Mocha has been gone. Quincy went through a bit of a depression and became VERY needy with mommy for weeks after. Emma on the other hand turned into the happiest little kitten you'd ever seen. She plays now and runs around like a happy go lucky cat. Lol! Mocha and Emma never really got along so I think Emma is probably happy she is the alpha female now. I, on the other hand, still tear up to this day. Even yesterday, driving to work, it hit me without warning and I sobbed in the car while driving. I know this will take time but life goes on! We have pretty much gotten back to a normal schedule and I will be posting more. I have missed you all and I'm so sorry I haven't visited you more often!

I hope you are all doing wonderful and not sick like me! This past weekend I literally watched The Hallmark channel ALL weekend long. You know, those holiday movies that make us all have the warm fuzzies and wish life could really be like those movies? Well, I watched them all twice now. I'm waiting for the new ones next weekend but I probably don't plan on watching them twice. Oh who knows, maybe I will. I love weekends home, especially on cold rainy days where I can snuggle in with the kitties and drink a hot cup of tea in bed with my favorite chocolate croissant from Trader Joes. :) xoxo


Neabear said...

It was good to see a post from you again. I had not realized you lost your friend and pal of many years. I hope your other two kitties help to pick up the slack for you. I also hope that you feel better soon. In the meantime have a good week.


Christine said...

So, so happy to finally hear from you! Wanted to email but didn't want to intrude. I've been there.
So glad you're finally feeling better, getting over the bug and the kitties are taking care of you!
I've missed your posts! xo

TheBlakkDuchess said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Mocha. You & your other kitties are in my thoughts... I still miss my cat, Kyo, even though he's been wandering other paths for a few years now. Sending you tons of hugs & extra snuggles from my kitties. One can never have too many kitty snuggles... ^-^
I'm glad your kitties are taking good care of you! Hoping you can finally kick the sickness for good!

Love & hugs


Tracey said...

It's good to see you on line again. You have been missed greatly. I am still so sorry for the loss of Mocha. I don't know what I'll do when something happens to my Bully Boy.. it will be difficult. I hope your healing up and that your personal life is good too. I always look for a new post from you and very happy to find one today. I'll be praying for you and your adjustment to life without Mocha, but I think when something impacts our life it takes lots of time to heal from that. Know, you've been missed and I can't wait till you post again!! Love and hugs to you, MIchelle.

TeresaR said...

Oh Michelle, I so know what you mean. When our dog died, I did that for months too: just burst out in tears. It's been almost a year now since she died. Big hugs to you and Quincy and Emma! Hope you'll feel better soon.

Connie Lou said...

Hi Michelle,

Read the post before this one also and my heart just sorry to hear of your loss, especially as Mocha was a gift to you in your time of pain. I always think about all the kitties that are going to run into my arms when I see them again in Heaven..=)! Blessings on you, Connie

Anya said...

Hi Michelle

So so GREAT to see you here again :)

Touching story from Quincy
yes i know cats can change!!
Kareltje is also changed after my husband's death,
and also very sweeter as before.
I think Cats can feel the mood in the house very well.

We will NEVER forget sweetheart Mocha !!

Big cuddle for Quincy & Emma
and you Michelle :)

Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

WicketsMom said...

(((HUGS))) to you, Quincy, and sweet Emma who is apparently making the best of a sad time. I had a kitty who went through depression when he lost his little sister. It broke my heart more that he grieved than my own heart grieving! Take care Friend!!!!

Lisa said...

It's good to see you posting again! And to know that your heart is on the mend.:) I've been watching those sappy Hallmark movies too! It's all about the HEA(Happily Ever After).:)

Elaine said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging again. Hope you and the kitties are feeling better.

Just went to Trader Joe's tonight!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Thank you for the anniversary well wishes! =D

Hope you & your kitties are doing well. I was scrolling down your blog to see what that wonderful song was that popped on & caught a glimpse of Quincy on the leash... So. Cute. =3

I live about an hour north of Renton (give or take, depending on traffic). I think we should totally get together some time! We'll have a blast! =D

I can either hop the train down your way, or I'll probably have a car again soon. Sooooo... we should hang out sometime! ^-^

Maybe we could meet up in Seattle for a day of roaming Pike's Place? =D

Anywho. We'll figure something out. Love & hugs!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Michelle~you've been on my mind...miss you too. When Angel passed I was stricken with such grief it left my family very concerned sweet son and DIL offered for their kitty (who's all white like my Angel)to come stay with me, just temporary of course. Well, that was over 5 months ago. I wasn't too keen on the idea at first cause shes a bit of a wild hare. Not anything like my kitty in personality. Partly being cause she shared quarters with my son 2 dogs that tormented her. It has proven to be the best medicine for the both of us. she has truly blossomed. Not sure how long Aimee aka-Squeakers will remain here, but shes surly provides the purr-fect fur therapy.
I think once you've had the sweet companionship from a pet it is a needed staple for a happy life. I've no doubt having Emma and Quincy helps in your healing process. Please feel free to contact me via email anytime. I'm here whenever you need a soft place to fall.

Sweet wishes my friend,