Thursday, November 17, 2011

While cleaning up the garden....

I picked some fresh rosemary to dry but then I had another idea. :)

Voila! A fresh Rosemary wreath. :)

It made the kitchen smell so good!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week! I just bought my tickets to fly home to California for Thanksgiving! I can't wait because I am always missing my family and I am so thankful for my family during this holiday season. :)


kerrie of sea cottage said...

your rosemary wreath is so cute. i have made them from past gardens but my rosemary here is not big enough yet.

glad to hear your emma is doing so well...but i can understand you and quincy's sadness still. it does take time. hugs to you and kitties. ox

noodlegirl said...

That is so cool wish I know how to do that! Oh your cats are gonna be pissed when you leave lol.

Christine said...

Hi Michelle,
Hope you have a really, truly wonderful time visiting CA!! Are you near Pasadena? Oh well if not. Glad you'll be with family soon!! I miss mine so much. Love the rosemary wreathes! Happy holidays!!
Hi from Blue and C :)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Squee! I love it! =D

Britt & I were joking around that we're going to bring our rosemary plant inside & decorate it instead of a tree for the holidays... Perhaps I really will. ^-^


mrstuxtattoo said...

you are so clever! love the wreath. i bet it DID make your kitchen smell wonderful.
so happy you are going home for Thanksgiving! can't wait to hear all about it! Happy travels Michelle!

TeresaR said...

That's beeeyoootiful! Have a great time with your family! xo


What a great idea. Its been so warm here in Texas, my garden is still producing tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. I have some rosemary left and I may do what you did with yours...Too cute.

Elaine said...

Your rosemary wreath loooks great. I love the smell of it and the taste of it even more!

And I did catch that old Rosemary song playing in the background. You are too funny!

I try to do that too, tie in my music to my post.

Have a wonderful trip home for Thanksgiving.

Island Buzzy said...

Your wreath is heavenly..and the music to go with it, how creative you are! Hope your family visit was all that it could be and more!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Michelle~ How nice to have that rosemary (surprise) in your garden. I'm always looking for different ways to create a holiday wreath. What I adore about this idea it can be applied year round.
I also love my house to have a nice fragrance, especially during the winter when I can't open the windows.
I wished I lived a smidge closer so I could kittysit for you. Oh what a wonderful time you'll have soaking up that So-Cali sunshine with your fam. Be sure to pack up a little of that sun to bring back to the PNW.
Give my family a big hug while your there...I miss then lots.

I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.
Sweet wishes,

Fishtail Cottage said...

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Joy said...

The wreath is so pretty, Michelle. Good and creative thinking! Hope you had a great time in CA with your family. I know you miss them.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Hi are you??? Had to come by and wish you a Merry Christmas ...if I could I would take that it!! Keep well my sweet friend! x0x0

April and Jacque said...

What a great idea! We are loving your blog! Love and Light, April and jacque