Friday, December 14, 2012

I found the Grinch!

No but seriously, he was the only one that would stay still when I put the hat on. He's the only one that FREEZES whenever something odd has been slipped on him. :) Thanks for being a good sport, Quincy!


C-ingspots said...

Oh my - he's the perfect grinch!!

Teresa Robeson said...

I totally heart Quincy but you already knew that. ;)

Tracey said...

Hello there!! Hope all is well and your doing great!! Love this picture.. He makes the purrfect grinch!
Michelle, have a very Merry Christmas!!

Michelle said...

Teresa, you may just love Quincy more than I do. Lol! I've been watching your blog but can't figure out how to comment! The "Creative" blog. Ugh...I've been away so long I forgot how to comment?!

Chatelaine said...

Oh look at that Quincy, he does a fantastic imitation of the Grinch!

I almost bought Percy a Santa outfit but figured he wouldn't stand for it.

Have a wonderful Christmas!