Monday, January 14, 2013

Brighter New Year!

Love, love, loving this coat I got from Target a couple of weeks ago.   Yea, it's bright, yea, it's a little obnoxious but this year I am going to start wearing brighter clothes!    It's sort of vintage, too so I had to buy it.   Bright = happiness, right?  :) 

Are you like me?   I go to Target to get necessities and end up with about a thousand other things in my cart that were not on my list.  *sigh*   I am guessing that will be my New Year's resolution.   A little self-control with the spending!  ;)

Happy belated New Year!    May 2013 be positive and fruitful for you all!


Sara said...

We are just now getting Targets up here in Canada. I can't wait!

Michelle said...

Good luck with refraining yourself at Target Sara! It's my weakness...Target and overspending!

Tracey said...

Good to see you setting some goals. I know that I too had to pull back from some things and get my priorities straight. I find a good cleansing of the mind and soul are important.
Oh,, and I love target too!!

Chatelaine said...

Cute coat. Yes I love Target, It's kind of dangerous for me.

Blond Duck said...

I've been DYING to see Downtown Abbey! I can't imagine doing a full time and part time job-- yikes! And everytime I go to Target, it's always $50. Ridiculous.

allhorsestuff said...

HI YOU!!!!!!!
I was looking at another's blog and she had posted on "MEETING BLOGGING friends"...I began listing whom I had the pleasure of meeting from my little horsey blog....
YOU are one! We ride together and you took a lesson from Cathi and OH! That was so fun doing all that...seems like ages ago.

Anyway, I LOVE that BRIGHT coat that duplicates a cool dress! I am with you on needing to spice things up and brighten the fabrics of my life.

Hope you are well, my dear heart.
Yours truly,