Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beautiful days and beautiful objects

You know, I despise getting up early in the morning.    I grumble and yawn and curse under my breath sometimes, but when I see views like this on my morning drives, I completely forget about getting up early.   We've had really mild weather here in the Pacific Northwest these days.   I've heard a lot of places across the U.S. have had some wild and crazy weather.    Well, I'm the last to complain because I'd rather have the sun and warmer weather than snow.  :)

Can you believe this is my drive to work?

This past weekend my girlfriend and I had a great afternoon of vintage shopping at the Funky Junk Sister's Vintage Market. Of course, I took out a set amount of money and ended up using my debit card in the end. Always going over my budget, lol. A couple of some adorable finds.

For the guest bedroom that I am redoing.

Hope you're all surviving the crazy weather! Whether cold or hot, enjoy every minute of your beautiful life! xoxo


Chatelaine said...

That is a beautiful view. I drive by a pond on my way to work. One of these days I will stop for a photo.

Crazy weather? Oh yeah, we have experienced it.

Love that chalkboard. I have a chalkboard obsession. Now I know we were separated at birth!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness what a view! How are you? Miss seeing you blog. Don't feel bad though....I can't seem to get to mine either! Hope you are well and happy my friend...:)

Emily said...

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Anonymous said...

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allhorsestuff said...

Misha! I miss you and hearing about you and horses, and SEEING you out riding horses. You riding still?? My sister moved up from the coast and has Pantz mare and another, D'aoole mare(a rescue) at "Two's a Team" stable. I have the Wa mare still and she is doing well in Beavercreek. Moved from far-out-Colton 2 1/2 yrs ago. 12 minutes beats 35 anyday, for travel to see horses. Still dreaming of having them at my house...but, well you know....gotta rein in the spending vice, and save more for that dream!

Any who, let me(us all) know How the heck you are....
and the view to work hum...looks like the Gorge? Where do ya live now? Kitties still? We have 2 adopted rescue felines..and adore them!

Kacy K