Monday, January 13, 2014

And life goes on....

So hi.  How's life been the last 12 months?  I feel so bad that I dropped off the face of the earth back then.  It's strange, though, coming back and typing a post and updating my blog seems like it was only yesterday.   That's good, right?   My old bones don't feel the same way.  Ha.   Well, I'm going to do a quick update in pictures.   I'm sure you'll get it.  Easier than writing a thousand words and boring you.

Unfortunately, Sergio and I didn't work out.   Wonderful person, wonderful man but there were a few non-negotiables that I couldn't overlook.   It's not that he didn't do anything horrible or terrible, just that THAT non-negotiable wasn't there for me.   I'm allowed to be picky at my age, right?   But you know what? I'm OKAY.   I've been on my own for awhile before and after and I am comfortable enough to be alone (with my cats).  :)   I don't mind the crazy cat lady bit either.  I proudly wear that hat!    To be honest, if I had my time in relationships or being married, like I once was, and this is my time to be alone, I'm totally fine with that.  I am enjoying life to the fullest with all my wonderful friends and family and really count my blessings!   So, for now, it's just me and the cats and we are all happy campers.  :)

Still cooking and enjoying my wine!  This was at mom's house over the holidays.

Always enjoy family time.   Me and mom here over the holidays.  Isn't my mom beautiful?   :)

Still crafting fun projects!

Still baking.

Still loving animals.

Added one more boy to my group.   This is Habib (means beloved one in Arabic).    If you followed my blog for several years, you'll remember Sachi, my girlfriend who passed away from cancer.   I had to place all her cats into the shelter where I volunteer.  Broke my heart but at least they had a place to go that was warm.  One has not yet found a home.  :(    Habib here was the most feral out of them all and I worked with him for two years before caving...and bringing him home to love.  Yea, that whole working with the feral ones then falling in love with them thing isn't working well for me.  BUT...I'm sure Sachi is thanking me from above.   Still working on finding Gabby a home though.   By the way, that is IT for bringing anymore home. ;)

And this year, I have hosted some fun girly get togethers and craft parties.  I plan on having more this year!

I still have all my other activities going strong like my paranormal research group, have added some tarot card readings to my resume (I've somehow opened up girlfriend says it's because I don't have a man in my life as a distraction, lol).   I still faithfully volunteer every other weekend at the shelter and two of my girlfriends come with me now!   We make it our Sunday girl time and we stop off at our favorite Scottish pub afterwards.   I love having a "regular" thing.  Do you have any?

Quincy has his own Facebook page now.   Well, Quincy and the gang.  ;)   Feel free to stop by and say hi.  I've met so many other fellow animal lovers, it's been wonderful!   I've forced him to do some dress-up to celebrate the seasons.    I think he still loves me.  ;)   Click on his picture and it will take you to his Facebook page.

Oh!  Oh!  I cannot forget this last detail.    A fellow blogger, Lindsey (and her hubby and fur kids), who is the owner of Wicket's Mom's blog moved to town and we hit it OFF!   She has been one of the girlfriends who has started helping me at the shelter every other weekend.   It's kinda like meeting a star, ya know?     You follow someones blog for so many years and finally meeting almost want to ask for an autograph.   We opted for the Cheesecake Factory over a nice dinner and drinks (girl date).   We share so many things in common like animals, shopping, food, shopping, the paranormal, and shopping.  Did I mention shopping?  I feel like I've known her all my life.  So thankful for our new found friendship!   

Miss you all and I am slowly making my rounds!


Lindsey said...

I just...LOVE YOU!!!!! Who would've imagined after years of reading your blog that we would be such great "real life" friends? I mean...I kind of did. I hoped anyway! I can't wait to see you and Mistress D Sunday for the shelter then Stillhouse.

PS - Richard says to tell you that he's glad we're friends too. He said this from his perch in Eric's lap after a dinner of roasted chicken. *sigh*

Tracey said...

I'm so happy that your in a good place. You seem like you really have your life together and enjoying every aspect of it.. good for you!!! I love that you continue to do the things you love and that your back to blogging. Have missed you terribly and love Quincy's facebook page... I should do that with my flat soldier while my husband is away!! I love dressing him up too!!! Love and Hugs to you my good friend... hope to meet you someday!!

C-ingspots said...

So glad you're happy and still enjoying all those things that bring you joy. Nothing in life ever stays the same...we're just growing. :)

Chatelaine said...

Glad you are back. My how the family is grown! They are all beautiful, happy kitties!