Saturday, February 8, 2014

Egg and Bacon Maple Toast Cups - OMG

So my best friend and I went to Seattle a few weekends ago to visit our other best friend and made the most DELICIOUS breakfast I have ever laid my mouth on!    These are very easy and it's like having an entire breakfast in one little cup.    I will guarantee you will not be disappointed.   You can find the recipe here and there are several variations going around the web and Pinterest.   This is a MUST try in my book.   We used duck eggs instead of regular eggs though.  If you've never had duck eggs before, you will LOVE them.   A little richer and bigger. There's nothing wrong with those two adjectives going together, right?

Brush each side with maple syrup.
This part may require a tad of patience. 

Drizzle a little more maple syrup.  Such sweet goodness!
These are duck eggs.  Worth trying if you can get a hold of some fresh local duck eggs!

Who doesn't like cheese?

Enjoy!   I've been snowed in for about 3 days now.  That's another post though.  ;)


Chatelaine said...

Oh those look good! I must try them. Never saw duck eggs for sale before.

Isn't this Winter horrible? We keep getting storm after storm.

Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad your of my favorite blogs :) xo

C-ingspots said...

Oh my - those look decadent!! Wasn't this last storm a blast??? I drove home on my lunch break to make sure my fire was still going on Thursday. It had been lightly snowing for an hour or so by then, saw a fender bender on the way, and was a little apprehensive about driving back, and then home much later in the day...but guess what? My boss called and asked if I'd like the afternoon off? Would I!!?? Hot dog - a snow day!! I totally enjoyed that surprise free afternoon, and he also told me to stay home on Friday. That NEVER happens! A long weekend and about a foot of beautiful snow!! Awesome! I'm enjoying this winter more than many, many winters that I can remember. Hope you stayed cozy and didn't get cabin fever...

kerrie of sea cottage said...

They look amazing. I love maple syrup! I will make mine with turkey bacon(I no longer eat beef or pork). I have no idea where to get duck eggs...have never seen them available but Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook uses them.