Friday, September 4, 2009

Mocha and homemade cat food?

Mocha could use a few healing thoughts thrown her way these days. She still has her ups and downs with bouts of diarrhea and her irritable little bowel. :( If you all don't know, I did take her in for a full panel of tests and everything came back normal so the only thing the doctor could come up with is Irritable Bowel Disease. From what I read it's a very frustrating thing for both owner and cat! She's still eating and drinking fine..and cleaning herself but she is so in love with plain chicken breast meat. I am thinking of trying my hand at homemade cat food. Have any of you tried this? I know there are vitamins you can buy from the pet store to add to your natural homemade cat food so I am going to start studying up on this and see if I can't come up with a bland diet for my baby girl. *sigh*


Anya said...

My sweetie
You are not feeling well !!!
My Mommy has never self make food for me, sorry Michelle ??
Kareltje has 2 days not eat,
and just he was eating,
why I don't now !!!
CATS ?!?!
I hope Mocha is better soon,
I don't like it when she is ill :(

Kareltje =^.^=

Nora Johnson said...

Sorry to read Mocha's unwell - hope she recovers soon too!


The Blonde Duck said...

I hope she feels better!

Zaroga said...

I don't have a cat... but with most animals, including humans. These steps help:

calm anxieties
have plenty of fiber
sometimes medication

Since she is a rescue cat Mocha probably has a lot of anxiety. She needs plenty of attention and maybe a pill would help with the anxiety.

Our dog, Annabelle, had lots of anxiety. I spent a lot of time with her. She did suffer with diarrhea sometimes. One time it kept going on and the vet kept her over night to keep an eye on her and she decided a prescription of flagel (or something like that) was needed. A few days on that and she was back to normal.

My best wishes for Mocha and you.

Cat with a Garden said...

Mocha, sweetie, we are sending very strong and healing purrs. Kitty tummies are a very sensible thing and we're sad to hear that yours is acting up. Home made kitty food is a good idea especially if you have more than one cat. It's easier to prepare the meals then. Please keep us updated, sweetest one!
Your furriends, Siena & Chilli

Cat with a Garden said...
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Robin ~ Linton Cottage said...

Hi. Just found your blog through Jill, at Bittersweet. Can't wait to read more!! Hope your kitty feels better soon. We have three and I would love to hear what you find out about homemade cat food.


Coastal Sisters said...

Oh poor Mocha....I hope you are feeling better sweet fur baby.

I don't know about making your own cat food but perhaps checking with your vet might be a start. I know when one of our five dogs get sick, the vet always recommends chicken a bit of rice.


Randi Troxell said...

never tried this before... but i think it sounds like an excellent idea... let us know how it goes.. and have a fabulous holiday wkend and tell mocha i hope she gets to feeling much better!

Melissa said...

Cute does not even begin to describe her.

She is gorgeous. I pray she feels better soon.


Dawn said...

yes you should do this, as it makes a world of diff to the kitty.
there is a whole yahoo group dedicated just to feline IBS. go have a look and sign up as you will learn a TON.
many members will tell you exactly what foods may be causing the furry one tummy upsets and which products to buy. thankfully it's all fixable in this day and age, just takes a lot of learning and experimenting, but once it's found that you're golden.

Heather said...

aww i hope you come up with some good ideas for her.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh that's really sad. Hope so much she feels better soon. I just give Tilly plain tuna in springwater (for humans). The cat food has too much stuff added to it.

fairmaiden said...

I think chicken has magic wonders. 10yrs. ago when I was very ill and could not eat hardly anything, when I did eat it was chicken breast, steamed zuchini and white rice. When Bella doesn't feel well she still will eat chicken breast and a bit of brown rice. If Mocha likes the chicken I think it is probably good for her in small amounts. Maybe with a bit of brown rice too.

Chatelaine said...

Poor Mocha and her mommy! I think the ASPCA has some articles about making your own cat food.

Mocha is lucky to have such a concerned parent. She sure looks beautiful even though she's not feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mocha, don't tell Quincy this, but I'm cuddling you in my thoughts and dreams and hoping you will feel 100% better very soon! Love to you and your wonderful mom!

Melissa Miller said...

Ah, poor Mocha. I hope she gets well soon Michelle.

Chestnut has trouble with hairballs. Vaseline does the trick when I mix it with his soft food.

Have a great Labor Day.
~Melissa :)

Tea Time With Melody said...

Poor thing. I don't know what it is about chickens buy Tigger love it too. I can cook anything but when I cook chicken she is like a dog just waiting to be thrown a bone. I actually have to put some aside for her totally funny. I home Mocha gets better soon.