Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Favorite Halloween Candy!

Yep, it's NOT candy corn! In fact, I'm really not that crazy about candy corn. My favorite is the gummy pumpkin! Actually I am a sucker for anything "gummy." My mom and I both love those dang Dots too! Oh and by the way, they have Dots that taste like candy corn for the holidays. Didn't work for me. Lol! Notice the jar is only half full. That's because Michelle ate half of it in one day.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

One last thing! I have an exciting post coming up! Yesterday I met fellow blogger, Kacey, over at All Horse Stuff blog (she's on my sidebar as well) and we went on a 4 hour horse ride! It was amazing! I was so excited to meet her. We met for relaxing breakfast, headed out to the stables and groomed the horses to classical music and took off into the hills. *sigh* I can't wait to show you the pictures! I rode in an English saddle for the first time (out on the trails). Needless to say, a bit more work with the legs made this poor body sore today but WELL WORTH IT! :) Stay tuned!


Chatelaine said...

Favorite Halloween Candy? Not sure but it's gotta be something with chocolate in it.

How nice for you to find a new friend to go riding with.

Tammy said...

I don't like anything "gummy" favorite is the Caramel Chews that you buy to melt and make caramel apples...just toss those sticks baby! ;D

A recent fav is also the Candy Apple Hershey Kisses!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Those look so yummy. I have never seen those, where did you get them?
My favorite Halloween candy is carmel apple candy corn.

Kara said...

I love gummy candy and had no idea about these gummy pumpkins! Where do you get them? Who makes them, etc.?

Libby Murphy said...

I haven't seen any of those gummy pumpkins in years. You have a great site. Happy Halloween
Happy Twirls

blushing rose said...

Candy corn, ho-hum! Jelly anything will work for me ... even better if chocolate covered. Have a great week.
TTFN ~Marydon

fairmaiden said...

I've never tried gummy pumpkins...they sure are pretty. Have you tried the gummy penguins from TRader Joes? They are my favorite now.

Truth is my favorite candy for every season is Dove dark chocolates. We have some right now in the autumn colors.

I was shopping in a favorite shop 'Pomegranate' in our Old Towne and saw several tin signs I wanted to get you...they had 'horse' phrases on them. But wasn't sure if you would have a place to put them. They would be perfect to hang in a barn and I know you don't have a barn...yet! Glad you had an amazing ride.

Janet said...

Oh I love those sis - they are so cute - where did you buy them? I'm a sucker for Candy Corn too! lol

Patti said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful! How cool to find a new friend! My fav Halloween candy HAS to be candy corn BUT mixed with nuts (it tastes JUST like a Payday candy bar) and sometimes Reeses Pieces thrown in as well (even some m&m's too). Yum!!! Yours look good too- I don't think I have ever seen those!
Have a great week!

Maggi said...

It may not be specifically Halloween themed, but I can eat through some Smarties! lol

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oooh those gummies look yummy. I like candy corn...and popping off the little white end.

The ride sounds fab!

Dawn said...


Paula said...

Personally I can't stand candy corn, give me some super dark chocolate any day.

I've been visiting your site for quite a while and I was wondering where you get your pinup images. I absolutely adore them.

Randi Troxell said...

i DO like the candy corn.. actually i really wish i had some now!

MJ said...

Boy ... that's a hard one! I do like Candy Corn but I can't eat too much or then I get sick. I love DOTS!! And Ike & Mike's. And peanut butter cups, and ... well, you get the picture!

Kathleen said...

My favorite Halloween candy is the big bag of penny candy. Mary Jane's, fireballs, candy dots on paper....all of that. When I learned how to ride, I learned on an English saddle. I bet you had such a fun time. Can't wait to hear more. Hugs, Kathleen

Heather said...

oh i love candy corn! normal, classic candy corn. i'm not into the new flavored cc like apple flavor, etc. and chocolate candies :)
can't wait to see the pictures from the horse adventure this weekend.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love candy corn. I am a candy corn fiend.

LillySue said...

So, do they taste like orange slices? They look like orange slices made to be pumpkins. It would be cool if they tasted like pumpkin pie!! I am loving the Lindor truffle balls right now, especially the white chocolate ones.

Anya said...

I eat almost all candy's

Zaroga said...

I'll eat most any Halloween candy... but try to avoid buying it cause I will eat it non-stop. Okay... how do you stay so slim :-) I used to be slim... working on getting slimmer :-)

I dead-headed flowers: I removed the withered/dead blooms. :-D

Sophie said...

We don't celebrate Halloween in Belgium!!!

That is lovely that you had a great time riding Horses with your new blogger friend!

I can't wait to see your pictures!!

Dolly said...

Eeeuuuu I don't like candy corn...tooooo sugary sweet!

But I do love popcorn balls!
They only come out during halloween!

I love cute candies...and your sugary gummy pumpkins are too cute!


Anonymous said...

We are huge gummy fans in this house! We get the gummy multi-vitamins from our health food store. :)

I don't have a favorite Halloween candy... Weird, I know!