Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keep young and beautiful!

I have a new bad habit. Going onto this website and browsing all the adorable looks! I think I may make may own if I'm brave enough.


Dance As Though No One Is Watching..

And I discovered a new fabulous song by Annie Lennox. It's old but new to me. So, to go along with my fashion of choice tonight....enjoy the song! I mean really, it's too cute! You gotta listen. :)

Happy Friday! I THINK I am slowing down this weekend. ;)


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Ow, this photograph is sooo sweet! Thanks for sharing.


Anya said...

I wish I was youngher ...... LOL
Love your post
only for girls ..... :-)

Tracey said...

Michelle,, I just bought some fun sneakers.. I mean out there converse-style sneakers.. we gotta stay young and hip!! 40+.. who cares..I'm 36 at heart!!

Maggi said...

That site is fun! I love all of the collages. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, hon, you are always beautiful, no matter what "look" you adopt! :) xoxo

Kathleen said...

Love the "look". Oh to be young, and not have my face falling, Hugs, Kathleen

jen said...

I love that song!!

Slowing down is a good thing...


Heather said...

cute post! i need to slow down too :)

fairmaiden said...

Miche l l e!!!! Go see Dear is sooooo good and you being the hopeless romantic that I know you are, will love it! If I we're near you I would take you<3

Twitter...Oh my...I will never tweet! Even as cute as it sounds, it really just consumes too much of my thoughts and makes my world spin...I have almost deleted my FB so many times. I don't really like to see all of the stuff 'my friends' write on there. Craziness. But I like being connected with everyone, not sure how long it will last. I really feel healthier when my life is at a slow, uncluttered pace.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Michelle~ Polyvore...true eye candy!! I really enjoy Annie Lennox.
I hadn't heard this song. Most of the songs I'm familiar with are from her rock and roll days. I think she's such a versatile singer.

You have a relaxing weekend with your cute kitties.

Sweet wishes,

Randi Troxell said...

oh what fun.. how have i NOT heard of this yet?!?!?!

Suzie said...

Love the video! Annie Lennox is so versatile! I love her!

That old, old song just shows how long unrealistic expectations have been put upon women, making most feel like failures.

But her presentation of it makes us all realize how just plain fun it is, and makes us laugh. .and that is the key to staying young. Laughter, and the ability to find humor in almost everything. If you are young at heart, then it will glow out around you, and everyone will feel your aura!

Thanks so much for sharing it, and have a nice relaxing weekend!!

Anonymous said...

A friend just posted this to her FB page and the kitty in the video reminded me so much of Quincy with his behavior and super-cuteness!

Anonymous said...

this entire blog is so it!