Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let the Drying Begin...and an Award!

I've already started drying my herbs. They are growing like wildflower! I have spearmint and Italian parsley so far. I actually just added a bundle of peppermint to the mix last night. Last month I also pressed a few spearmint leaves and am almost done with a little crafty project. I have one finishing touch and then I'll post it. :)

Also! Lovely Maria at Rainy Day Farm awarded me with a blog award some time ago. Thank you, Maria!!! I am so honored that I am still receiving awards even after being an off and on blogger lately. :) Maria has the cutest farm blog! Her children are adorable and all their animals...well you know how I feel about critters. Check her blog out when you get a chance! You will feel right at home.

This is what I have been instructed to do:

1. Accept and thank the person who sent it to you.
2. List 10 things about yourself.
3. List 5 additional things you don't like.
4. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers.

Ten things about me.

1. I love watching older reruns of The Golden Girls. I have to watch them almost every night before bed.
2. I have a box on the bed next to my pillow, covered in linens for my oldest cat Mocha. She has to sleep with me every night and yes, her linens get changed several times a week. Quincy and Emma sleep elsewhere. :)
3. I am addicted to YouTube. I am subscribed to so many channels it's not funny. I love makeup channels, soap making channels, NANCY TODAY, meditation channels, horse channels...the list goes on.
4. I secretly have a goal of becoming a best selling author. I've started writing if I can just get past the Prologue. Lol. Oh I'm just gonna say it, Dan Brown look out!
5. I can be very stubborn if I want to be. I call it being free spirited but for some reason others don't see it my way. I'm not always sweet, ya know. ;)
6. I truly believe I lived two past lives. One of them in the late 1800's and the other in the 1940's.
7. I am a terrible procrastinator (hence the late post on the award)
8. I suffer from migraine headaches...and regular headaches.
9. I am definitely a right brain sort of person. I am definitely not academic and it might be because I lose interest or don't apply myself. I may sound academic (or not) but don't let that fool you.
10. I used to manage a Crabtree and Evelyn....and to this day will proclaim that it is my most favorite job of all. :)

Five things I don't like:

1. Abusing animals and children.
2. Lying and cheating.
3. Leaving my cats alone. I try to always get a cat sitter if it's more then one night.
4. Not enough sleep.
5. Highly judgmental people

As usual, I will pass this onto anyone who comments on my post today and feel free to play along!


Together We Save said...

Congrats on your award and I am so glad your post said drying. It was slow loading and I swear I thought it said "dying". LOL

Nora Johnson said...

Congrats Michelle on yr lovely, well desrved Award - and have to say I agree 100% with all yr dislikes!!

Have a lovely weekend! I'm off the blogosphere now for a short while but have left a little post over at my place you might find amusing (or not!!)xx


Melissa said...

I am starting to think about all of the fun things to do with my herbs as well! I just bought a little book about planting an herb garden just for teas.....
Congrats on your award! I love your blog!

Randi Troxell said...

great lists!!

have a great wkend!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love Golden Girls! They're so comforting. I always wish I lived near them so I could pop in and share some cheesecake!

allhorsestuff said...

Sweetest of gals...thanks for the sincere thoughts you left at my place! I smiled in my heart...when you said you'd have me over for some "kitty time".
I would really love that~
Congrats on the are beautiful~
I have lots in common with you...not academic..though to some they put me there...I just love to put my mind to research sometimes.
I so love your goal as to being an do worthy a dream!

I also share all your dislikes!
Be well dear...enjoy the SUN!!!!

Sophie said...

What a great list of things about you!!

Congrats on this lovely & beautiful awrd!! Yeah!!


Marla said...

Just discovered your blog.. Love your creative nature!