Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Niece is a Star!

Hi all. Just making this a quick post because I am so, soooooo behind on posting. LIFE! That's all I have to say about that. :) Hope all of you are well and wonderful since I have not even been around to visit.

Anyway, my niece, Paris, is officially a star! Well, at least I think she is. She's is in the 2011 Toyota Sienna commercial that is now airing on The National Geographic channel. I'm so proud of her! I'm always proud of her because she has such wonderful talent...she's a ballerina, an equestrian, a piano player, an actress, great with animals since she has her own dog walking and sitting business and the list goes on! I'm so proud to be her aunt!

Here's the commercial! There's a great close-up spot of her smiling in the car. :) Actually this link will take you directly to YouTube to view it. It seems to be cut-off on the right when I post it here. :(

Click here

I am making life slow down as of this weekend so I can concentrate on my blog and visiting you all. The weather is FINALLY coming around to sunny! I will soon post my award I received (haven't forgotten that) and my farm pictures.

Love to you all!


Lisa said...

Hi Michelle,
Your cutie pie niece is a total rock star!!! Congrats!!!

MJ said...

How cool is that??!!!!! :-) What fun!

AshTreeCottage said...

Is that Paris jumping out of the car wearing cute boots?? I remember you posting about her a month or two ago when she and her mom came to visit you. What a darling girl. I actually liked that commercial. Give her my congratulations!!

Susan and Bentley

Anonymous said...

How exciting and how very, very cool! =) No wonder you're proud! xoxo

Rue said...

So sweet! How fun for her to be in a commercial! She has a wonderful smile.

Oh crap! I missed your birthday! I hope it was wonderful! Do tell about the farm-time you had. Big hugs to you!