Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Pictures!

Well the party turned out great! Quincy and Oliver finally saw each other after two years (they saw each other once before since being separated). No hissing took place just alot of sniffing. Lol! We all had a great time except Quincy had to slap the dogs a few times but he TOLD THEM! Lol! Emma was also there but I couldn't get any good pictures with her. She actually handled the dogs alot better than Quincy. She didn't even care they were around.

You kinda smell familiar...

Awww...come on Quincy, it's your birthday. Smile!

Everybody wears hats! Michelle loves torturing the poor things. Lol!

Seriously Auntie ' are humiliating me.

Dinah was a good little sport!

Caity had a little too much to drink.

You're going to wear this hat whether you like it or not.

And not sure if I've ever shown you the boys' father. This is Tux. One of their creators. Lol.

Happy Hump Day!


kerrie of sea cottage said...

They are so cute! Happy birthday to the boys. I should take Bella over to see her parents...they only live 5 mins. away. Bella's mommy Roxy has cancer. :(

How are you and your 'man' doing? I hope good. ox

Anya said...

So so nice that they loved each other
after such a long time :-)
Very sweet pictures Michelle.

Happy Happy Birthday to both :)))))

Connie Lou said...

Too cute and fun! I love doing this with my "gang" too...Happy birthday!

Chatelaine said...

So cute! I am glad they got along.
Mine don't even get along with each other never mind wityh strangers and dogs.

TeresaR said...

Oh my goodness! Happy, happy birthday to my favorite kitty cat and his brother!! What fun - a cat and dog party...wish I were there. Big hugs and kisses for Quincy and the rest of you!

I think I'm back from blogging break now. ;)

The Blonde Duck said...

How cute!!!

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Michelle and Quincy,

We are so very sorry to have missed your party. It looks like you had a grand time even though you did not wish to admit to it.

We have a little birthday present for you and that is to tell you that you made April for the calendar bookmark photo competition. Congratulations!

Dad is writing up the post right now and it should be up in a couple of hours. We are truly sorry for being so late.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont