Monday, March 1, 2010

A Few Prayers for Mocha needed...and my soap addiction to relax!

First off, I know you're all wondering what is going on with Mocha so I'll get that out first. Saturday Quincy and Mocha went into the doctors for a checkup and Quincy needed some updated shots. Well, during Mocha's examination the doctor felt a small growth in her intestines. What it is, we're not sure but I realize doctors have to prepare you for anything. If it's a tumor I am hoping it's benign or a something that is growing at a slow rate. If it's something less threatening, wonderful. At this point I do not want to put her through anything but the doctor suggested a fine needle aspirate to see if we can get a sample tissue. I'm not even sure I want to put her through that after the steroid episode in November. Mocha is a very high stress cat and I'm too afraid it would just send her into a tizzy or somewhere I'm not going to like again. What the doctor is baffled about is she's not showing signs of cancer. She has a more than healthy appetite, has gained weight, her vitals looked good, etc. If we do anything we will give her prednisone so see if it will shrink the growth. Well, during Quincy's exam the doctor thought Quincy's kidneys might be a bit small. *sigh* She said it's typical in Persians (and Quincy has Persian blood in him). So, she suggested blood tests on Quincy. I hate to say this...and believe me, I really do, but sometimes I think vets will go overboard on testing and over vaccinating. Quincy only got the minimal shots since he's an indoor cat and I don't believe in over vaccinating my cats with foreign agents. All I can think of is will this never end? But I've decided I am not going to stress over any of this because I will only create negative energy around us. They both seem healthy now and I will use positive, healing energy (Reiki) and positive thoughts to keep them in good health. I even have a friend sending positive thoughts all the way from the U.K. :) If you could send some healing thoughts our way we would be more than thankful. It worked last time! :)

This is Mocha's box. She sleeps in her box next to me on the bed. She loves her little box. :)

Real quick, before I move onto the soaps, during the doctor's visit, Quincy was so afraid he tried to climb underneath Mocha but could only fit his big round head underneath her. Mocha was stressed anyway and didn't realize how close Quincy was getting to her. So, he just laid there with his head underneath her. We all laughed. Lol!

To de-stress from all this, I've somehow managed to find myself collecting homemade soaps from Etsy! Lol! Let me tell you I am having tons of fun. Besides my sister's soap company, Lunada Bay Soap Co. and being her number one fan...I have branched out to try some others since I am hoping to get back into soap making on my own by summer! These soaps were purchased from a little shop on Etsy called Pure Simplicity Soaps. They are hot process soaps and the scents are absolutely fabulous, let alone the fun colors. I am such a big fan of Etsy and like to try to solicit from crafters before buying from big retailers. :)

My soap stash...

I ordered several different kinds for my first order. The tan one is a Lush dupe called Porridge. The oh so fun bright blue soap is Sea Glass and has the most intoxicating "ocean" scent. So fresh and clean. The bright pink with the fun candy sprinkles is called Candy Girl which, if you're familiar with Lush, is a dupe of their Rock Star soap. The beautiful lavender soap with glitter is a dupe of Victoria's Secret Heavenly scent. She also included a few samples and one was a chocolate fudge scented soap. I almost thought I'd have it for dessert while I took a bath. Lol! If you get a chance, stop by her "sweet" shop. :)

Hope you're all having a great week so far. :) We truly appreciate any prayers because I truly believe in healing through prayer and positive energy. :)


Anya said...

Ohhhhh.... sweet Mocha
We purrrr & pray for you !!!!!!
It makes us sad :(
Kareltje LOVES her very much ...
Please send me updates Michelle
you can also mail me !!!!!

((HUGS)) Kareltje & Anya

Tracey said...

Michelle,, my prayers are with your kitties and I know that they will be fine with the care you give them.. no doubt! You do have quite a collection of soaps as well. How do you find so many? the ones in the picture.. keep your chin up and you'll get through this episode with you little ones.. I'm praying for you all!

Heather said...

aww, i'm sorry you are going through this with the kitties. i'll send lots of prayers your way.

MJ said...

Poor Mocha!! I will say a prayer for him. How upsetting to hear that he has a lump. However, I think it's very encouraging that he is eating and doing so well. I sort of agree with you ... not sure how many tests I would put him though since he does stress so easily. Maybe wait and see what happens.

dawn said...

i'm sorry honey. it doesn't sound so good. i think mocha has some sort of IBS too since all the non-eating episodes. i agree with the over vaccinations. one thing i will share with you is it took me a couple years to find a really smart vet--one that was really trained well and smart with diagnosis. now i'm not saying that your vet stinks, i'm just saying make sure he/she has an excellent reputation because it can mean unnecessary testing. so many vets do do too much testing because they haven't a clue. try and find another vet (if you want too)--I was so glad I did.

Randi Troxell said...

i'm def thinking and praying for mocha.. i know how hard it can be.. so all of you guys are in my thoughts...

and thats so funny about quincey.. i would have just about died laughing i think!

Janet said...

Poor poor Mocha....sending lots of kitty hugs and prayers your way sis!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I sure will keep your little fur baby in my prayers. I just hate to hear about any animal not feeling well.

As far as the tests go, I would go with the vets advice. No one likes to have tests but they can help catch things early enough to be able to treat.

I just had two small growths on my dog removed. He is like your cat and hates to go to the vet and have anything done. He gets scared and I hate to see him that way but I would hate to know I could have saved his life and didn't more.

Sure there will be a few vets that just want to run the bills up but I think if you have a good vet that you trust they really are watching out for the animals well being.

It's like going to a Dr. and telling you to have tests. Would you do it or say "Well I feel fine so why bother?"

If you don't trust your vet then go get another opinion and maybe even change your vet but please don't risk the health of your cats because you think your vet is just trying to pad the bill.


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Michelle~I'm sending positive thoughts and energy to sweet Mocha. I can relate to all your concerns. Being that I had to take my kitty to the vets (again) over the weekend for x-rays. It's soo difficult to leave her and my total trust in their hands.
We'll have to keep reminding one knows our kitties like we do and to follow our hearts instinct.

I've got to warn you...I'm planning a soap post in the future, but I promise it shouldn't be a contributing factor to your addiction.

Sweet wishes,

jen said...

Your fur kids are always in my prayers...

Mocha will be good...I feel it!

I actually used to work in a soap factory!! Summers past Farms...they have a website!
We did coconut, palm and olive oil soap... I too have a major soap addiction!!
Promise to check out your sisters soap!!


MarZel said...

Sending good thoughts your way!!

AshTreeCottage said...

I will pray for Mocha and send her lots of positive energy.

Susan and Bentley

Kritter Keeper said...

ah, michelle, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your babies. i never vaccinate my indoor cats. waste of money and sometimes they develop tumors on the vaccination i am with you on that. the scruffy and spooky had tumors and never acted sick until the end. they had either stomach or colon cancers. blood tests revealed nothing, no white blood cell rise...i was so good about getting preventative routine complete blood cell tests but now i don't because it didn't work before. my laquinta is loosing weight so i must take her in...good luck and keep us posted.

fairmaiden said...

Prayers for both Mocha and Quincy. I agree though, the vets go overboard and who can afford those bills. Your kitties will let you know when they are not well. Keep calm and carry on.

Allison said...

Poor baby Mocha--I agree with you on the over-testing. It's a hard call to make. Give the kitties lots of love and hugs and keep us posted. Too bad you can't give Mocha a nice bath with one of those yummy looking soaps!

Kara said...

poor kittens and poor you. it is so awful to have your babies sick

Chatelaine said...

You've been through the ringer with your cats! Maybe it's time to change vets or at least get a second opinion.

I started taking my former cat to a holistic vet and now I take Oscar and Molly to her. She doesn't believe in giving a lot of shots.

I hope your new soaps help you to relax. I'll say a prayer for your furbabies.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending lots of good thoughts for Mocha! Hugs for both her and Quincy (so he won't be jealous...LOL!).

As a soap-a-phile, I know just how it is to collect too much soap. I probably have enough to last my family of 4 a couple of years. Erg.


Patti said...

Oh I hope the kitties are doing better. You take such good care of them- how could they not? I agree that sometimes the vets tend to over test and vaccinate- I hate that! The soap sounds wonderful- I will have to check it out. I was into soap making many years ago and still ahve all the molds and such- very cool.