Friday, December 26, 2008

All Quiet on the Northwestern Front

Well, the snow is finally melting, the festivities have taken place and now it's a little time for relaxation. :)

A nice breakfast (with some leftover ham from Christmas), you can't see it but it's under there. Eggs Benedict but instead of hollandaise sauce, some melted Havarti cheese.

My presents included some wonderful soap from my sister over at Cottage By the Sea (and her company Lunada Bay Soap Company). This soap is called Chardonnay Rose, one of my favorites! Checkout their pictures on her blog. They just got back from a ranch in Montana! It looked like so much fun!

And a cat glad to have company gone (I swear this is the only cat I know that sleeps flat on his back. Ignore the mess....I am reorganizing my closet!). He doesn't know mom and step dad are coming back through town tomorrow though. Yippee!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas like I did!


Noodlegirl said...

Hey Michelle!

That breakfast looks so good. I am so glad christmas I am so fat! We got to chat soon I have stuff to tell you!!

FourOf5zs said...

The breakfast looks delicious. I've eaten so much the past few days that I shouldn't eat again for days. :-)

Christmas here was wonderful and I'm glad yours was too.

Have a good visit with your Mom & Step Dad.

Happy Holidays!

Heather said...

oh my goodness, your breakfast looks amazing! of course i just finished working out so thanks to you i'm drooling & starving, lol!

Anonymous said...

I think it's because Quincy sleeps on his back that I can't resist him. ;)

Your sister's blogs are wonderful; I need to remember to follow them so I don't forget to visit.

And speaking of visit, I hope you'll have a grand time with your mom and step-dad!!

Tracey said...

I love eggs benedict..I'll have to try it with the cheese.. that sounds so much better than the sauce, (maybe healthier??) Glad your Christmas was wonderful and your cats can enjoy their mother again.

Janet said...

Hi sis! Glad you like the soap - doesn't it smell yummy? Quincy is toooooo funny! He looks like a stuffed rag doll:)

Dawn said...

yes, that is the only cat I've seen that sleeps flat on his back, and I'm a petsitter!
I bought a jar of Hollandaise sauce from Trader Joe's and I think after seeing this I might have to open it. I hope it's as good as yours.

Anya said...

Hahahaha... ;) nice cat.
It looks very nice and sweet that he is sleeping so.
Happy Holidays!

Melissa said...

Breakfast looks scrumptious.

Your kitty looks like a pro at napping.


Tea Time With Melody said...

I just LOVE that kind of soap. The fragrance is so wonderful. I will have to check our your sisters store.

Also, my cat just went blind on Monday literally. Spend 3 hours in Vet hospital on Christmas Eve morning trying to find the cause of this sudden illness and she is basically healthy, but has a incurable something I can't remember.... She is trying to get used to the house and it is driving my crazy watching her walk into walls etc... I am constantly picking her up from being wedged between furniture! I am very sad right now. :(

The Blonde Duck said...

I had a wonderful Christmas! I'm glad to see you had a good time!

Sandy Michelle said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas:) BTW, where do you get all of your wonderful pin-ups?

Sandy xox

Camilla at home said...

Yes here it`s also time for relaxing now, your cat looks so cozy lying there like that:) Have a nice day:O)

serenitymeadow said...

That breakfast looks yummy. Your cats always crack me up....they are such cute little fur-babies.

lvroftiques said...

YUM-E!!! Yep this Christmas was white and wonderful! I answered your question on my blog Michelle, but I don't think anyone ever revisits the comment section lol! My cousins bedroom IS literally in a closet! So I hope you do transfor yours! And please share with us if you do OK? *winks* I'd sure love to see it! I think closets are sooo wonderful and cozy as bedrooms! I have closet envy for my cousins! Vanna

chatelaine said...

Oh you are quite the cook. I should eat more eggs and stay away from the muffins for brekafast.

Good time to stay in with the crazy weather of late. I know you had it too.

Pretty soap from your sister.