Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fresh, fresh Laundry, Miss Mocha isn't feeling well and another award!

Have you ever walked by someone and caught a whiff of that clean, fresh smell of detergent? I mean how do they get their clothes to smell like they just walked out of the washer and dryer? I have tried all kinds of combinations of detergent and softeners but can't seem to get that fresh scent. I'm starting to sound like a commercial. Lol!

So what do you all use to get that clean fresh scent? I'm curious because I need more combinations to try! Like a mad scientist I will keep experimenting until I get it right. :)

I had to take Mocha into the vet this morning. Poor baby girl. She has diarrhea and hasn't been feeling all that well. I noticed she has lost some weight (which she did, a pound in about six months) and that's not a good sign. The doctor poked and prodded her and didn't find anything obvious, like masses or anything like that. We are doing a full blood panel in addition to a thyroid panel and I will get the results Monday. She has been eating fine, in fact a lot lately and the doctor is leaning towards hyperthyroidism. She hasn't been drinking a lot which is usually a sign of kidney disease. I am hoping it's the hyperthyroidism and nothing more serious so if you can send some prayers our way, we would truly appreciate it! Until then she will be spoiled with love and given whatever she wants (if it doesn't upset her stomach). She is, after all, my baby. I put down her very soft red blanket to lay on so she still feels like a princess even though she feels like crap.

Also, award alert! I am so honored to have received the Attitude of Gratitude Award from The Blonde Duck! She's that famous writer over in Texas. :) If you haven't read her work you have truly missed out. You still have time though. Run on over to her website and sit down with a cup of tea and some cookies and enjoy! Thank you Blonde Duck!!

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog and post. 2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an Attitude of Gratitude. 3. Link to your nominees within your post. 4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they’ve received this award. 5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for this award. 6. Tell us how you’ve come to have an Attitude of Gratitude
I'm going to share this with anyone that visits my post before Monday and I want you all to tell us how you've had an Attitude of Gratitude lately!

As to how I've obtained the Attitude of Gratitude, well, I've really tried to look at the positive things these days, especially in this economy. I am so thankful and grateful I have even the basic things in life, a roof over my head, food, a job. It's so scary in an economy like this. I am truly thankful for all my friends, including you guys and my fur babies who are by my side everyday and are there to come home to after a stressful day. :)

One last thing, I have always loved this song that is playing. I don't know why...maybe because it reminds me of my childhood and how simple things were then. *sigh*


Angie said...

I'm new here. I just discovered your blog today. I love the retro pictures you have up on the side of your blog, especially the one of the old refrigerator and the stove, I've always wanted a stove and a refrigerator like that.

the ungourmet said...

I am a fanatic for that clean laundry smell!

Sorry about your kitty!

I love the Blonde Duck's writing, she is so talented!

Lisa said...

We've got to figure that laundry riddle out! Hope Mocha is feeling better! Poor baby ):

Kritter Keeper said...

i am the same way about laundry!!! so weird. i honestly think it is the water quality. my mom's laundry smells so fresh and their water is excellent even though it is city water. i have tried using exactly what she uses to no avail. many purrs and prayers to your baby girl! if you can afford it and there is a vet nearby that has the equipment, get her scanned. both my spooky and scruffy had either colon or stomach cancer...the normal blood test showed nothing. their fur looked great. no mass until it was too late. good luck and i hope it is something simple!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

i think softener really helps if it is scented. i love the vanilla/lavendar blend from downy.

Heather said...

congrats on the award! poor Mocha. as for the laundry smell, i use detergent of course, with liquid fabric softner in my downy ball and then a dryer sheet in the dryer. it gets expensive but if you really want your clothes to smell super good that's how to do it!

Caroline said...


First of all I am sorry about Mocha! I really hope that she will be feeling better soon, she is definitely treated with the best of care and love! It must be quite a worry for you at the moment, I really hope that it is all resolved soon. For her in the first place, but also to put your mind to rest.
On the laundry front, it really helps to hang the washing up outside to dry instead of putting it in the dryer. Also using some scented laundry water while ironing could help! The least that does is making the ironing a more pleasant experience.

Zaroga said...

With the laundry... I use unscented detergent and fabric softener. I have too many allergies. I think though that hanging clothes on the line produces the best aroma... especially sheets.

I'm saying a prayer for Miss Mocha. Give her a bit of love for me.

I love reading the Saturday Evening Post :-)

Anya said...

Owww Michelle
Thats no good news:(
We now you give Mocha
the care she needs !!
We will pray and purrrrr for her..

Caroline said...


I just had another thought on Mocha, my mind not the quickest these days.
Could she be, even though this sounds a bit weird, diabetic? I know dogs can be, so why could not cats suffer that condition too?
Anyhow, thinking of both of you, take care.

Patti said...

Hi~ So sorry about Mocha- I sure hope she is feeling better again soon! It is so sad because little animals can't tell us what's wrong, but with you giving such TLC, I'm sure that is making her feel better already. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!

MarZel said...

Congradulations!! What a great award!! Well deserved.

Noodlegirl said...

Oh gosh I know about the laudry I can never figure it out myself.

Oh poor Mocha, well let me tell you my cat has kidney disease and the symptoms doesn't sound like it is cause when my cat got it she pee way more than usual and she just sit by her bowl of water. She got really weak and refuse to eat even tuna!

However, if for some reason it is kidney, let me know.

Cat with a garden said...

Oh, sweet Miss Mocha. It is horrible that you are feeling under the weather. We truly feel for you. Both of us have had the squirts before and we know that they are awful. Especially for a floofy kitty as it adds insult to injury. We are glad your mom is running all possible tests and keep our paws crossed for Monday. Pleas keep us updated!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Dawn said...

one of my kitties had hyper-t. I had to give her a pill for the rest of her life.
and the times when her tummy was a bit upset or she didn't want to eat I would fry up a small bit of hamburg with a pinch of salt OR boil some chicken in chicken broth--those get her eating asap! (No onions in anything though)
Ms. Mocha has a good Mommy and she will be fine.

Jenn said...

Lots of prayers for your kitty. It is no fun having a sick baby.

As for laundry .. I throw a scoop of Oxy Clean in each load. I find that really makes it smell clean, even when it comes out of the dryer! (I tend to air dry alot of clothes)

Chatelaine said...

For clean fresh laundry I use Good Home's Beach House or Lavender as a fabric softener. Makes everything smell great!

Sorry to hear Mocha is under the weather- poor baby, hope it's nothing serious.

I love that Kenny Loggins song too!
It's been a favorite of mine for many years.

Daphine said...

I have so wondered the same thing about other people's laundry. Though, I have never found the answer. I use softners too and my clothes just don't smell fresh, fresh!

I hope that Mocha is feeling better soon!

Congrats on the award!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Poor Mocha, I do hope she has only a simple ailment that will go by quickly. Tell her Tigger hopes she feels better too.

Also, I am changing my blog and I like the way you have your pictures are framed in a black box. How can I do that too?

Joy said...

Hi Michelle, I know this is a bit late as you decided what to do about your laundry---but I like lilac scented Tide. I do hang clothes on the line, and I know people rave about that 'fresh smell', but honestly, I think they the smell is strange.