Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The mind of a cat....

Okay mom...this closet looks okay but still needs a little work. How about I just lay here and tell you what needs fixin'. Let's see, we need another pile of clothes to play empty box to hide in....some shoes on the floor to lay our heads in. Come on mom, chop, chop! Get to it!

Mocha? Mocha, where are you? Oh're still kneading...and kneading...

How about you go outside for awhile and play?

Who? Me? I have a job mom!

And that's KNEADING! Knead, knead, knead...I mean seriously...I have knead marks on my belly because she finds the need to knead my belly. Is that a sign that I have a pudgy belly? Noooooo!! Mocha is currently training for the world record of the most kneading.

I think she'll win the gold medal.


Cat with a garden said...

You two are great help! Mom always says to Chilli that her love hurts - she's a big time kneader too.
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Coastal Sisters said...

Seeing your fur babies always brings a smile to my face!

I am LOVING your new Blog look!

Happy Wednesday :)


Zaroga said...

A cute post... nice to have such great family members that are so helpful :-)

Mocha is looking good!

Dawn said...

isn't that funny that you mentioned you have knead marks on your belly. my hubby has a ton of knead marks on his shoulders from tiki. Tiki kneads away at him while he sleeps and it take a rocket launcher to wak up my hubby! So he never feels it.
I've started to trim tiki claws so the damage is now minimal.

Janet said...

I loooooove your new header sis! I think Mocha is trying to tell you to put her kneading to good use - maybe she can help you make your next pie - lol. I love the way she stops kneading just long enough to look at the camera:)

Heather said...

those two get funnier and funnier every time i turn around, lol!

Pam said...

My cat, Scraps, also can knead for hours. I have tiny red scratches all over my belly.

the ungourmet said...

Cats! The kneading thing is so interesting (and sometimes painful!).

My son loved your kitty photos!

Cliff and Olivia said...

Hahaha. We thought that was fun. Our humans didn't. They just sighed. Strange beings.

cathleen said...

Great kitty pictures, Michelle!! Tell me, what would we ever do without our sweet little fur babies?

Kathleen said...

Too funny, Michelle. We call it treading in our house (I don't know why). I have a leopard print blanket at the end of my bed. We call it the treading blanket, cause Mr Ming treads on it nearly every day. Sometimes he treads on my skin..ouch! Those fur babies, gotta love them! Hugs, Kathleen

fiberdoodles said...

Your furry friends are just adorable Michelle! Thank you for sharing your pictures. I love animals and more partial to the indoors type ;-)

Take care,

Chrissy said...

You are too funny!! Everytime I come over I either want a cat or I want to stop it!!! I knew you would like those candle sticks,$15,,,not bad eh?? Have a good week, talk soon . x0x0x0x0

Koleen said...

Hey Michelle! Wow! I love your new background and header. It's so cute! And, I still say Quincy should be on a calendar.

fairmaiden said...

It's so nice to see Mocha's cute lil face here. She seems to be feeling better. I'm so glad. She looks healthy. And Quincy is laying in Bella's favorite position.

You have a lovely view with those nice big windows and french door. Our back door is the same and I like it so much better than a sliding glass door. Your cottage is adorable.

Chatelaine said...

Well you know kneading means they are content like they were with their cat moms. So Mocha must just be obsessed with you.

So cute!

jen said...

Hi Michelle!
Your kids are so cute!
You are lucky they cooperate with the camera!
Mine aren't so good in that way!


Tea Time With Melody said...

This post just cracked me up Michelle. I am almost done with my weekend post and I wish I had good pics of the kitties but my friends rescued 4 baby kitties and are feeding and taking care of them. They were the sweetest things, about 6 wks old. Their names are Peanut, Willy, Squirt and I can't remember. At 6 wks Willy (the biggest) can jump out of a 3 ft high box. Yes! I saw it with my own eyes!!!

Anya said...

Sorry I'am late
( I have bad internet connection)
I never forget you, you now ;)
I cant everyday typ comments,
its not working always :(

What lovely shots Michelle !!
Its nice to read they are soooo sweet and nice that they are helping you LOL
We love your pictures ^__^
Big hug to all :)