Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Running from the Chicken Truck and a Little Pick Me Up!

Okay so you must be wondering about the chicken truck. I was totally disturbed this morning on my way to work. I was driving on the freeway, minding my own business, even humming with the music on the radio when this huge, huge truck drove up alongside my car. I nonchalantly glanced over and almost screamed in horror! The truck was hauling what looked like tons and tons of live or tranquilized chickens!! I mean why do they have to have this all out in the open for us to see. I know, I know..I do eat chicken but I don't need to see these poor things on their way to execution, if they weren't already dead! I couldn't tell. I stepped on my accelerator and tried to speed ahead because I'm one of those that HAS to look even though I shouldn't! Ugh. Then it became this whole paranoid situation..I'm driving fast, looking in my rear view mirror for this truck and he comes alongside me again...I step on it....he steps on it (okay maybe that was my imagination) and I'm driving in terror all the way to work trying to get away from this truck. I mean seriously, can you hear the theme to The Wicked Witch as she's flying alongside Dorothy's uprooted house on her wicked bike?! That's how I felt! Lol! Everytime I looked at the truck driver I swear his faced morphed into the Wicked Witch laughing hysterically! I finally dodged the truck but I couldn't get it out of my mind. So the last couple of days I couldn't eat meat. Well, I happen to eat tofu yesterday but after seeing that today I could only eat my black bean and cheese burrito. This is usually what happens when I go on a meat break. I've typically been traumatized by seeing something I didn't want to see. My mom tried to make me feel better by saying, "Honey, those were all diseased chickens that just died..and they were transporting them to the funeral home.". Thanks mom..you're always there for me. LOL!

After work I swung by Joann's Fabrics because sis' got some adorable "farm" signs for her kitchen. Like any little sister would do I wanted to copy! Lol! Well, lucky for her they didn't have the same ones BUT they had these adorable tin signs for $3.00 each!
And this tablecloth matched! Only $3.00!
Nothing has changed much with Mocha. She's still eating tons. She even wanted some of my black bean and cheese burrito (okay, healthy...from Baja Fresh). Mom had to say no to that. Here she is doing her favorite thing...kneading and purrrrring. :) Thank you all for caring so much and saying a little prayer for us. :)

I didn't get to make my cookies tonight because my girlfriend was in the hospital. She had surgery today and I wanted to be there with her. :) Don't fret! I'm still craving them so they WILL be made this week. :)


Anya said...

What a funny story
about the chicken LOL
Many purrsss and hugs for Mocha:)
Quincy & Emma
also many hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

Zaroga said...

A funny story. We have a lot of chicken farms here. One is just up the road from my parent's homestead. It is an egg farm, but when the chickens die they incinerate them... and awful smell. One that Mama wanted to get away from along with the pig farm and cows.

Your story made me smile and thank you for that :-)

It has been gloomy skies since Monday with some rain... just dreary. Today is suppose to be the same. So my blue mood will probably continue until the sun comes again :-)

I had hoped to here Mocha was feeling better. She is still in my prayers.

Lisa said...

You are TOO funny (: The signs for your kitchen are really cute! And matching tablecloth oohlala!

Heather said...

great signs and table cloth! chicken truck=freaky, lol. i love when cats knead :) Hope your friend is doing well after surgery.

Noodlegirl said...

ughhhhhhh that happened to me not long ago my bf went to the gym and was talking to this guy who own cows and of course he had to ask how they get killed and OF COURSE he had to come home n tell me to make me feel guilty!! Even now when we drive by some cows and we see babies he say there are your burger shots ughhhhhhhhh!

On a lighter note I am going to try your tofu soon lol. Yes the Quron is realy good you should give it a try.

Love the signs! By the way WHY IS IT STILL RAINING????

Kathleen said...

Hi Michelle...I worry about those chickens. Like do they stop and give them water? It upsets me, too. I don't want to know. I love your signs...We have a Joanne's in Bangor (65 miles away), and I feel a trip there coming on. Glad to hear Mocha is eating well. Keep us updates, please. Hugs, Kathleen

the ungourmet said...

That is just terrible! I hate seeing things like that. I loved the Wicked Witch comparison! Very Funnyy! There are times that I need a meat break too!

I love those little signs! I have a JoAnn's Fabrics by my house and I love it. They do have some great deals, don't they!

LillySue said...

Oh~My~Gosh...You TOTALLY had me cracking up with the chicken truck story. I hate to admit it but my Inlaws were chicken farmers in Arkansas and I have actually helped catch those doomed chickies to put in those crates you saw IN the truck. The "Chicken Catchers" (yes, that is an actual job title) can grab like, six chickens at a time by the legs. Ok~ now that you have that picture in your head, I know you won't eat chicken for another week. Just make sure you eat orgainic, free range chicken. They live their lives in chicken spa like conditions compared to conventional style. (No I don't actually know that, but it sounds good, doesn't it!).
Your farm signs are great...I wonder why I didn't spot those at my last Joann run?? I just guess I will have to pop back in again!!
P.S Sent some prayers along for Mocha!

Coastal Sisters said...

I loved the chicken story!

Hugs to your fur babies and an extra one for Miss Mocha!


City Girl said...

I would have reacted the same way to the chicken story. And more thoughts to Mocha - what a gorgeous kitty :)

Janet said...

I'll never be able to look at chicken the same again. lol

Janet said...

Sis, I'll never be able to look at chicken the same again - lol!

Patti said...

Oh Michelle~ What a funny story! I totally laughed out loud picturing you being chased by the chicken truck! You do have a gift with words. I love the signs- they scream "summer"

Glenda said...

They say that's how be stop eating meat. Legally they can't transport them without a tarp or cover over them. It the Humane Law. So, you could have turned them in.

I would have driven in terror too.


Angie said...

I agree with you on the chicken thing - I don't want to look at, hear about, or think about where meat/poultry comes from.

I like those tin signs, especially the strawberry one.

Tea Time With Melody said...

I have a Joann's Fabrics too and I forget to go in there. But on the off chance I do I am like, why don't I come here more often! They have some great stuff. I am getting ready to do a bridal shower for my daughter so I should get there for ideas. lol.

I am with you on the chickens, but you know, I don't even like to see horses transported in trailers it just seems so cramped. The other day I saw 3 in one trailer! They can't even lay down!

Glad to hear that Mocha still has a hearty appetite. Hope all stays positive. :)

Kelly's Ideas said...

funny - the driver was mocking you or clucking at you... hmm


Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Oh Michele! Those signs are fabulous! I adore the summer one! and your story had me cracking up and sympathizing too! It's funny, I just read a book on being a Vegetarian and I was going to try it, just don't know if the 2 older boys will gripe the whole day :) But I saw your other post and can totally relate too, lol, I try everything for a few days and go back :) It's part of the fun I suppose, lol.

Have a fabulous week sweetie! Hugs, Cynthia

AndreaLeigh said...

those signs are so cute and i love the tablecloth. i'm glad mocha seems to be feeling better.