Monday, September 15, 2008

Another day with friends!

So I am fortunate to have a three day weekend from work since I work four ten hour days. I know, lucky aren't I? I spent the day again with my girlfriend in Washington, Thea. We played with her two young labs named Cosmo and Zeus. Those dogs can play fetch with their balls FOR-EVER! Ha! I did get my exercise though and was knocked down a few times by Zeus. Go figure. I'm not sure if I mentioned that Thea has her own little zoo. I should start out with the fact that she has a beautiful large home she and her husband built on a beautiful hill in Kelso with a breathtaking view. I will have to take pictures sometime. Anyway, her zoo consists of three ferrets, more than 15 birds of all types (including 3 large Macaws, one has a crush on me), two labs and Twinkie her sweet Pekinese. I hope I didn't miss anyone! We also did a little shopping in town. I stopped off at Michael's as well to get ready for my pumpkin crafts! I am shooting for next weekend to get some of these Halloween crafts going so I can post them. I have some great ideas so I hope you'll like them!

We also had lunch at a cute little vegetarian cafe in Longview. Hmmm....the name escapes me. We shared an avocado and tomato sandwich on wheat bread. We also ordered some wonderful vegetable and lentil soup that came with homemade garlic bread. I love, love, love garlic bread. We also ordered some delicious peach smoothies made from organic vegetarian ingredients and then topped it off by splitting a carrot cake! I'm always talking about food, aren't I? Okay, I LOVE good food but I promise I will be making some and will post those soon!

Oh yes, nothing like a vase full of sunny sunflowers to brighten your day, eh? Of course it didn't seem to bring Quincy out of his meditative sleep.

And so you know, every night Princess Mocha is by my side with every post I write! Gotta give this little girl credit too!
Until tomorrow.....

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