Saturday, September 20, 2008

My great find...garage saling....Audubon Society and more!

The weather has finally cooperated and decided to cool down a bit. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do today but them remembered the two lamps I saw for sale on Craigslist! Two lamps with toile shades! They were adorable and only $20.00 each. I had to have them. I called the girl selling them and she said she would hold onto them for me. Then she told me they were having a huge garage sale as well. Well, guess where I went today? :) I took my honey's daughter with me and we, of course, had to get our Starbucks. We have his girls every other weekend and it's become a ritual for us, Starbucks. :) I'm afraid I taught them that bad habit. Then we decided to head on over to Northwest Portland where the garage sale was. The house was an old, very beautiful, mansion in a very trendy neighborhood of northwest Portland. Most of the houses were built at the turn of the century so you can imagine what they look like. There were tons of bungalows, my favorite of course. I took these two pictures so you could see the types of houses that are in that area.

Then we decided to just drive around and get lost. :) That's always fun in a new neighborhood. Guess what we stumbled upon? The Audubon Society! I've always wondered where that was at. We got to see some amazing birds up close! Check them out!

This guy is a Falcon and seemed very curious when we greeted him. :)

This is Sid the Red Tail Hawk. He was absolutely gorgeous!
Then Julio the owl. We were making funny noises and I could just hear him saying, please quit making fools of yourselves humans. Ha!
Then we noticed all these bird feeders! There were so many small birds coming and going it was hard to watch them all!

Last we went shopping! Yay! I have to introduce you to another one of my favorite shops! It's called Zucari ( They have the most adorable home furnishings. I sneaked a few photos while inside.

Last but not least, on the way home we stumbled upon this beautiful tree! Who wouldn't want to climb this!

Another busy day. Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!


Karol said...

Hi Michelle, 1. Where is Zucari? 2. Where's is Myrtles?
We went exploring around NorthEAST today... went to a couple great antiques shops, too much to see, right?? Karol

Marina Capano said...

what a nice bird!