Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Morning!

I'm off to the right start with my favorite cup of coffee! I also discovered a new cream. Mmmmm. :)

Someone had a problem waking up this morning. :)

It must be Spring because the robins have laid their eggs here!

And I have added another project to my agenda this weekend. I am going to try to make one of these adorable smocks that the Farm Chicks made!

Make it a great day everyone! See ya soon!


Dawn said...

Ha ha ha! That looks like my tiki this morning...he loves to sleep in.
My favorite coffee is Illy, I love a good cup of coffee or iced coffee in the morning. I like cream, no sugar. Have a wonderful weekend!
I know you'll appreciate this: my friend just got a puppy King Cavalier, weighs 7 pounds, is ADORABLE. Oh my goodness!

Domestic Witch said...

ummm coffee!

Lisa said...

Oh I've not even seen that one! I'm currently lovin' the Italian Creme...but Parisian Almond Creme sounds yummy. I'm adding it to my grocery list now!

Anya said...

Yummie I drink tooooo match coffeee !!!!!!
Good morning its here evening LOL

Cute Emma on bed :))))))
Kareltje is by a tail club:)
His tail has now a name HEHE
The name is Woopie...... LOL
Its also funny for your cats, come look at my site :)))))))

Zaroga said...

Do they have that flavor in decaf :-) Those flavors sound wonderful.

The eggs are cute and so is that top... but I'm too plump for such a top :-)

Chrissy said...

Good afternoon!! So glad to be back up and blogging, our new computer is soooooo much nicer and easier to use,have missed your posts!!! Hope you are well, talk soon!!

Janet said...

That coffee looks sooooooo good! I really like your coffee mugs too because they match your table cloth! said...

I love a good cup of coffee anytime! I'm glad you're having a great weekend!

Heather said...

sounds like a good weekend!

Anonymous said... DD's coffee!

Your cats must be in such a state of bliss living with you - I've not seen so many cats that nap on their backs before! ;)

Have fun with your project!

Hollace said...

I love the new flavor CoffeeMate "Italian Sweet Cream" Yum!

Caroline said...

Cute smocks, I can not wait to see the one you finished!
Love the coffee, there is nothing better than a cup of cheer first thing in the morning, enjoy your weekend!

Patti said...

Looks like my typical morning. The creamer looks delish- I don't think we have that kind here- have not seen but will be looking! Hope the weekend was fab!

Anonymous said...