Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Haunting In Oregon

Okay, so I promised you all I'd start talking about the experiences of our paranormal group. First of all I should introduce our group. We are called Seekers - Investigating The Unknown Scientifically and Intuitively. There are four women in the group right now but we are seeking out new members at the moment. When we perform our investigations we have two psychics that often come along with us. Typically we know the story of the establishment and paranormal history and we do not divulge this information to our psychics prior to their attendance at the investigation. This will surely test their skills out. They have both been right on the money so far!

These two pictures are from a private residence investigation in Molalla, Oregon (Molalla is named after a Native American tribe that once inhabited the area). In the first picture you will see a traveling ball of energy close to the floor. We were told by the psychics before this shot was taken that they felt the presence of a canine spirit. Isn't it odd that the energy form is close to the floor? The family that lived there had always felt a presence in the last two rooms at the end of this hallway. It looks as though the energy is travelling from one room to the other.

In this shot, I was sitting next to the psychic as we performed our EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session and in the corner of my eye I saw a ball of light fall directly from the ceiling down to the floor right between us. As it fell the psychic said she felt something brushing against her shoulder. I decided to snap my camera several times in hopes of catching something. This is what I caught.

During the EVP session we all sat around in a circle, turned off all the lights and lit a candle within the circle. The session is meant to see if we can capture anything on our digital voice recorders. Any of our members will randomly ask a question of the spirit and the rule is 60 seconds after the question is asked there must be total silence. During this silence we hope to capture something or perhaps even an answer to the question that was asked. Although I haven't quite figured out how to upload what we caught on tape, I can tell you about it. :) As we went around the room, one of the gals asked "How many spirits are with us here.". After playing the tape back you can clearly here a male voice whispering "two" right after the question was asked. We were floored and very excited! It still gives us chills to this day.

We did some investigating of the historical background of the area and we discovered that the area (Molalla, Oregon) where the house sits was inhabited by a Native American tribe called the Molalas. Supposedly the area is also home to many unmarked grave sites.

Here are some of the historical homes in Molalla today that serve as historical museums now. They are beauties and I wouldn't mind getting my foot in the door with our group to investigate!

The Von Der Ahe House is the former halfway stop/inn on the stage route between Oregon City and Molalla.
This is the Prairie House Inn. This house was the first house in Molalla to have water and electricity. Hmmm....I'd like to see if we can get into this house for an investigation. :)

This is the Dibble House. This house is the oldest surviving still-intact residence in Molalla. It was built in the late 1850's.

Well there's a short trip into my paranormal world! I will post more on other investigations soon!


Zaroga said...

I do wish I could go along. It sounds interesting and exciting!

Love, Reggie Love said...

This is fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing :) I can't wait to hear more about your discoveries. That's really creepy about the voice on the recorder, but it's awesome that you're doing it. I'm sure I'd be too much of a chicken to even go out to these homes at night, haha!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I wish I could have tagged along......I have had some unusual experiences in my life....I think you have to be a very intuitive person with an open mind.

What adventures you are having and golf too~LOL

Janet said...

wow, that's a neat photo you snapped sis! What kind of ghosts were present? Do you know more specifically who they are?

Heather said...

wow i love those houses! sounds like you have some interesting places to check out.

Kathleen said...

Amazing sights and sounds. Those old houses are beautiful. I wouldn't mind tagging along.....Hugs, Kathleen

Patti said...

Take me! Take me!!! I don't think I ever asked you, but HOW did you get involved in this in the first place? That is very cool!

Glenda said...

This is right up my alley.

I recently went to the Queen Mary in Long Beach with a fellow blogger and we had our own experiences.

Wish you were closer I'd go along with you on your investigations.

I have had many things happen to me and seen many things as well for a while.


Michelle said...

Wish you all lived closer, I'd take you along!

Sis, apparently the ghosts that haunted the place (according to the psychics) was an older man and woman, a young girl and a dog. :)

Patti, I've always been interested in the paranormal and I did a search in my area for a local group. I joined the group and then a few of us formed our own after the original group sort of died off. We are about 8 months young! We've completed 3 home investigations and a restaurant investigation in town.

Glenda, do tell! I spent my wedding night at the Queen Mary and as my husband (now ex) and I were walking along the corridors I clearly felt a hand tug at my shoulder and whisper my name! What was your experience??

Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun! I know many people are scared of things like this but I love it. In fact, I just joined a group here where I live and we are going to go to San Juan Capistrano soon.

I'm sad though because we just sold our Uncles home and I just found out that my niece who lived there for a few months said the house was haunted. She didn't want me to think she was crazy so she never told me why she moved out after only a few months. Her mom (my SIL) just told me last week why.

I never even thought to go there to investigate yet every time I went there I did get that strange feeling that someone was watching me.

In fact there was a basement that I refused to go down because I had such a strong feeling that I shouldn't go down there.

Now I wish I did. I wish I went there late at night and found out who was there.

Joanne said...

Holy Moley! I got a fright just viewing those photos! I would never watch a horror movie alone, let alone look at creepy pictures lol. But i'm glad you sound like y'all had fun!!!

Glenda said...

Well I have a picture of a figure in the pool area on the top balcony. And down deep in the hull were the prisoners were held I was poked in the butt while my back was against the wall.
And just an overall feeling of someone was always around. Have several pictures of orbs.

And I have had some experiences of my own.


The Chateau of Remnants said...

Wow.. Sounds very interesting!Thanks for sharing, you never know what's out there ..huh!

AndreaLeigh said...

very very cool! i loved seeing the pictures. i hope you will continue to share.