Sunday, April 26, 2009

Snickerdoodles, Paranormal Meeting, An Award and Tail Chasers Club!

Today was another busy day but only until 3 p.m. and after that I came home for a nice long nap with the fur babies. I love afternoon naps and I never catch enough of them. Ahhhh....

However, earlier I had to make something for the birthday we were celebrating for Diana who is part of our paranormal group! I decided to make it quick and make Snickerdoodles. :)

Also, I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this little table I got from Goodwill! It gives me so much extra counter space.

All ready to go with my present and cookies.

The meeting was very exciting. We have a new addition to our group! Her name is Jenny and she has decided to become our case manager. She will find the leads and get the investigations for us! Update on the last investigation I said we were going to go on, we've had to put it off until Fall. At the moment they are quite busy with Spring and Summer festivities and the weekends won't be quiet enough for us to conduct a thorough investigation.

However, we do already have a lead on a few more places, two private homes (thanks to our new case manager, Jen). :) We will hopefully have investigations beginning in June and going forward! One of the private homes has disturbances that become so bad they have had to actually take the kids and stay the night somewhere else! I can't wait to investigate this place. :)

I will also be checking out on how we can become a satellite group for Ghost Hunters (on Sci Fi Channel if you haven't already seen it yet). We will need to have a web presence so I will be in charge of that. I am in the very beginning stages of the creation of the website. I will keep you all updated!

I am going to gather some pictures from past investigations and post them very soon. :)


I just received an award from Lisa over at Hospitable Pursuits! She is such a sweetie and I love her romantic, beautiful blog! I have her button on my sidebar as well so hop on over and take a peek at her wonderful blog! Thank you so very much, Lisa!!

Now the rules to accepting and sharing this sweet button are:

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate 10 blogs.

4. Put links to their blogs.

5. Leave a comment for each nominee.

So here are my nominees!

1. Funky Junk Sisters
2. Creative Cottage Dreamer
3. Whatever Amuses Me
4. Hippie Dog
5. Baked Alaska

6. Comforts of Home
7. Tulip Bliss
8. Puppy Cove
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10. Cat with a Garden

One last thing! I am now part of the Tail Chasers Club! You can read all about it here on the wonderful and fun blog of Cliff and Olivia. It's a club where all cat's tails are named something.

Here are the names of my little one's tails. :) DON'T LAUGH!

Mocha and her tail “squirrelly girl”.
Quincy and his tail “fluffy go lightly”.
Emma and her tail "Maytag"

That's it for today! That was a lot. I'm exhausted just writing this post. LOL! Hope you all have a good Monday! I'm not looking forward to dragging my rear into work first thing in the morning. :(


Anya said...

I like the tail names ,
they are realy funny :))
My tail its woopieeeeeee..........
I like Quincy's crazy tail name HEHE
BEAUTIFUL shot from EMMA & Quincy, sooooooooo sweet :)

Kathleen said...

You had a very busy week-end. You deserved a nap. It's wonderful to see your zeal for life, and being so active. Would love to hear more about the paranormal group, sounds so intriging. Hugs, Kathleen

Lisa said...

OK. We need that snickerdoodle recipe!

Heather said...

the tail names are too cute. i love Maytag! lol. sounds like your paranormal group is going to be getting exciting!

Patti said...

Snickerdoodles...yum` all time fav of mine! Can't wait to see the paranormal pics! Glad you had a great weekend!!!

Dawn said...

well you've got some wonderful little furry ones to nap with. I see you're baking more too and it looks good Momma! Snickerdoodles are the best and so easy to put together at the last minute.

Noodlegirl said...

What a lovely weekend you had! I took naps both sat and sunday lol!

Caroline said...

Snickerdoodles are among my favourite cookies, not least because they are so simply.
Your paranormal group sounds extremely interesting, will be quite interested in the website.

The Blonde Duck said...

I LOVE snickerdoodles! What recipe did you use? Yours look perfect!

Cliff and Olivia said...

Welcome to the club. We're furry pleased you joined!

Lisa said...

Those cookies look very tempting. Sounds like your group is growing, that a good thing! Now those kitty tails, what a hoot. I should see if Reynaldo could get a name. Probably something like, like to wash face in toilet or something.

Zaroga said...

I would love some snickerdoodles... got a diabetic recipe... I know Frank would like some too :-)

I would love to hear more of your ghost hunting. I grew up in a ghost inhabited house :-)

Love your fur babies!

Amy J said...

Snickerdodles, my favorite!!! I can't wait to hear more on your Paranormal group. We're sort of addicted to that sort of thing and are going on our second ghost tour in Savannah in October, stopping at the Moon River Brewery that was on TAPS a few year back. Hope you post more once you start doing investigations!!! x

Tea Time With Melody said...

My life has been soo busy lately that I have slacked on my blogging. I have missed all of yours I couldn't believe it! But I looked at each and every one....I love the different views of your place. Apartments have sure come up in the world. Your kitchen is very nice with the dark cupboards and black appliances.

I grew up using the same plates your mom just sent you. LOL That chocolate cake looks delicious. Did you put strawberries in the middle of the cake too?

hippiedog said...

Thanks for the award! So sweet :) Your paranormal groups sounds like so much fun!

Cat with a garden said...

Thank you for the awardie! We are very, very honoured! Such a sweet one.
Chilli is also member of the Tail Chaser Club.
You seem to be such a good cook - or mom is awful at cooking. She promised to try some of your yummy recipees though!
Purrs, your furriends Siena & Chilli

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Thanks for the award! That was so sweet of you. I am in the middle of my blog break, but I had to come over and thank you...Those snickerdoodles look good!

AndreaLeigh said...

how exciting! i always look forward to hearing about your paranormal adventures.

Love, Reggie Love said...

That's so exciting that you all investigate paranormal stuff. I randomly found your blog a few days ago and I adore it. You seem exactly like the person I wish I could be! Also, thanks for the Snickerdoodle recipie. I'll be using it at the next family party :)