Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I was invited to join Gattina's "Cats on Tuesday" fun! If you would like to see more cats please go to Gattina's blog.

After a terrible weekend of feeling icky and going to the vet we've discovered that poor Princess Mocha has a urinary tract infection.

Mommy is always so good at catching things early and knowing when something is wrong with me. She makes me feel good and always makes me a little nest to rest in comfortably. I am, of course a princess. I wonder where my tiara is?

What? What's going on? My sister is sick? Let me know when it's over with....I'm too busy sleeping.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
And sleeping some more....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Just make sure you wake me when it's treat time!


Kathi said...

Your kitty is soooo cute. Kathi

katztales said...

Love the princess and the bummed out friend. Purring your kitty gets better soon!

The Redhead Next Door said...

Your cats are so cute!!! I love the funny pose of the orange kitty from your previous post.

Michelle said...

Hey redhead,

He's a cutie...and a character for sure but I love him and even Mocha's little princess attitude!

Gattina said...

Welcome to COT ! So cute pictures ! Urinal infections are very annoying but I think with antibiotics it will go away fast.
Lisa (17) suffered from anxiety in the night ! she yowled the whole night through and kept us awake it was awful ! then she peed everywhere especially on carpets or against furniture. Terribl !! The vet stated that she had hormonal disturbances, just like old women and needs medication.
Ever since she sleeps well, has put on weight, seems happy again and doesn't pee anymore in the house !

Hisako Hill said...

Hope your Princess is feeling better. Quincy is a little rascal!! He is so cute though.


Michelle said...

Princess Mocha is feeling much better and has stopped peeing on everything. We almost had to put her in solitary confinement! Ha! With the help of medication, new urinary tract food and Feliway (calming plug-in for cats) she has started doing her business in the right place! :) All is well again.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see from the update that she's feeling better! UTIs are no fun (for kitty and owner alike).

That photo of Quincy napping is priceless. I totally cracked up!