Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Show and Tell Friday!

Well it's another Show and Tell Friday (hosted by Kelli at

I'm doing something a little different than my other Show and Tells. I have decided to show you how I cut down on magazines...well, magazines lying around. My mother also taught me this when I was a teenager. When I read through a magazine I will tear out pages that have something of interest to me whether it be a cute outfit (fashion), a good recipe and most of all anything about decorating. When I tear the pages out they go into my binder of "Things I Love". I still have to put that title on it. :) I buy a binder and the sheet protectors that go in it and slip all the pages that I have torn out of the magazines into it! It's neat, effective, cuts down on all those extra magazines you have lying around and you can always go back and look at it when you want to be inspired! I have broken my binder down in three sections, Recipes, Decor and Fashion. What more does a girl need?

This is my binder. I like to get the kind that's easily bendable and sort of flimsy (is that a word?) so when you open it, it bends like a magazine.

So here are a few pictures of my binder and a few pages inside! These are a couple of pages I saved on decor.

Here are some pages of my favorite fashions.

Except, I swear I won't put my dog (if I ever get one) in a coat like that.

Then my recipe pages so I don't forget to cook all the yummy goodness that's out there in magazines and then not fit into the fashions that I put in my book. Oh well.

Then there's the occasional catalog that comes in that I typically never get. I save that in my binder so I can remember the name for the future!

Well, hope you enjoyed my little tip on saving the favorite things you find in magazines but not keeping the whole magazine. Believe me, I learned my lesson on "stacks 'o magazines" lyiing around. I think at some point it became a fire hazard!

Enjoy and bring those black cats in and eat as many sweets as you can!


ceekay said...

I bet that was a lot of work to go through and find the pages to keep. That is a great idea. I learned long ago not to keep mags. But I am not as creative to save the pages as you were. Great idea.

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Cute blog- animal haven? Me too! They are all on purpose though. I live on a ranch and raise dairy goats, horses, poultry, etc. I do have a small house dog, and before we moved to the ranch, I DID put him in doggy sweaters when we went out! He looked very nice, I might add. *U* I really like your idea. I keep a ton of magazines and might have to implement that...

Liz said...

Happy Halloween!
Liz & Mabel

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea! Mind if I copy it (if I'm not too lazy to follow through)? ;)

Happy Halloween and BOO!!

Carla said...

smart and fun! (love your kitties:)

Janet said...

I remember this! I have a couple of books - but I love the way yours turned out sis! Love it!

Michelle said...

Hey sis!

I knew you would remember this! Ha! Happy Halloween! Send some pictures of Paris to me!


Michelle said...

Hey Teresa,

Of course you can copy! That's why I have it up there. Know what you mean by laziness. I have to move next weekend (but I'm hiring movers). Tell me that's not lazy.

FourOf5zs said...

A beautiful idea. Much prettier than the way I do it. I have a file folder box with labeled files that the projects go in and are usually forgotten about :-) I drop my magazines off at the hospital, which is a block over from us.

Happy Halloween Michelle!

Michelle said...

Hi Zaroga,

Happy Halloween to you too! My girlfriend and I have a great systemwhen it comes to our magazines. On our subscriptions, we subscribe to what the other doesn't then switch when we get them. How's that for saving some money! :)


Chez Nous said...

I use this same idea and have dividers for recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, etc. You're right, it certainly does cut down on the stacks of magazines.

I save the odd catalog as well - usually just a page that shows the website and phone number.

LBP said...

Great idea!

Happy Halloween!


The Blonde Duck said...

I love your blog design! It's so cute!

Mary said...

A great tip and I love the things you have in your binder, especially the last picture. Yes, flimsy is a word. lol

Enjoyed my visit and love your vintage Halloween postcard below.


PS. I do hope you took a copy of the postcard with the fairies.

JanMary said...

Thanks for visiting.

Great idea - I have so many torn out pages, but it no particular order.

Thanks for sharing.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Great Idea! I say I'm going to do something like that, but I never get around to it. I've got magazines stashed here and there...and everywhere. I really need to do what you do with yours. Soon!
Enjoy your day! said...

What a great tip! Thanks for this tip! I especially love the idea of labeling your favorite articles into categories in your folder. It's a good space conserving tip.

Elizabeth G. said...


I have that same catalogue from the Victorian Trading Co. I think the cover is very beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea for cutting down on magazines.

And thank you for stopping by my blog!
Take care,

hip chick said...

What a great idea. My mom used to rip pages out of magazines for decor ideas. It really paid off when she re-did a house. Her home is beautiful and it's exactly what she wanted.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh my gosh! I always think about doing this I just never get around to it!

M ^..^

The Blonde Duck said...


Please feel free to bounce stuff off me, and I'll do the same with you! I'm all about whimsical stories. In fact, my goal is to write shorter, whimsical stories for women and children! I think too many writers take themselves so seriously and write these dull or depressing novels where everyone commits sucicide and has an abortion and a terrible life because their father abused them....SNOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

E-mail me any I look forward to hearing more about what you and your friend are doing!

RecipeGirl said...

Great tip. I already do the recipes thing just the way you described (I have 25 binders of various recipe categories!), but I've never thought to create binders for other things. I usually just throw those other sorts of things into a file. Your method is better!

Alice said...

What a great organizational tip! Have you ever heard of the Binder Queen? She's a homeschool mom who teaches binder storage. She'd probably like to hear your idea - lol! Thanks for posting.

Please feel free to visit my blog anytime.

Kathy said...

Beautiful book! Love the cover...Kathy

Tea Time With Melody said...

What a fantastic idea. I love it. Now if I could go back and get those magazines! :)

Kelli said...

Excellent idea! I would love to sit down and look through your books...such pretty pictures!