Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pink Saturday! Also, I need some advice.

Well, this is my first Pink Saturday! I searched and searched around and it's a little hard right now given my move this week but I did find something that's pink! I introduced these in one of my very early posts with peanut butter cookies on them. They are my favorite plates I have in my cupboard right now. Why? Because they're pink! I bought these at my favorite tea house in Ridgefield. I also bought the cream and sugar serving set that you see sitting on top of them. I just love the delicate design on the dishes as well. :) The color of the photo is dull and that's because I am using the camera on my phone since my digital camera is packed! Sorry! I swear they're pink.

Okay, so the advice part of my title is this. I have two end tables that I bought off Craigslist for $20.00 each. Can you believe it? I bought these several years ago but I need to update them somehow. My decor leans towards lighter colors and rustic furniture. I was thinking of using them separately, one in the living room (by my camel color couch that you see in the picture) and one in the master bedroom. The bed frame in the master bedroom is a sea foam color antique scroll iron bed. I will show you everything once I get everything moved into the condo.

My question is should I shabby chic it with an antique white or do something a little more bold like black? I don't have much black. The guest bedroom will have a black iron canopy bed though. I could use one in there, if I choose black, and one next to the couch. Help! I can't decide. Is there one color that you can't go wrong with? Does this style look better in a darker color than a lighter color? :) Thanks in advance for any advice!

Happy Saturday! Yay, I get to go pack.


Tanyia Velez said...

I would make them white.

Michelle said...

Hey thanks girl! I was thinking the same thing but I never seem to trust my instict. :)

Hope you're having a good weekend.


The Redhead Next Door said...

I like the pink plates and I agree with white tables. But I'm a sucker for lighter furniture.

Good luck with the move! said...

To obtain a consistent theme throughout, it would have to be light all the way. Would a light shade/patterned table cloth help to achieve this effect?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Happy Pink Sat!!

I love those sweet dishes!

I am a big fan of BLACK furniture. I think it's timeless and adds so much punch to a room. Those table would look great in any color, however. Great buy!

Hope you are having a great Pink Sat!!! dana

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

One shabby, one black!

M ^..^

fairmaiden said...

I would definately shabby chic them white....white or chippy white and the details in the wood I think will pop out. I don't think you can ever go wrong with white.

Michelle said...

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your advice. I'm going to get everything moved in and see where these tables will go first. I'm leaning towards white but I kinda like the idea from OC black and one white, split the difference!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'd leave them alone, but if you do anything, I'd do white over black. You don't seem like a black decor type of girl.

Alice said...

thanks for the nice comments on the shots of my daughter - we had a great time taking those - and, just so you know, I did my greys last week :). have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I'd consider not only what each table goes next to, but also the whole context of the room. But, I like what Fairmaiden said. :)

And you are definitely Pretty In Pink!

Happy weekend, and hope moving isn't too crazy (I didn't even know you were moving...I'm observant, aren't I? duh)!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

White. I think that will be a more versatile effect.
Good luck with the move!
P.S. Love the pink dishes, btw.

Dawn said...

definitely white.

I love your kitties!!! Too precious.

megan said...

You know what? I LOVE white shabby chic, but I have a mix of both white and black in my house. In my hallway going up my stairs I have both black and white frames collaged on my wall with family photos in them. I guess you can alway re-paint again!! =)