Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shopping again but at a rummage sale!

In the midst of all my packing, I took a quick break to go to lunch with a good friend of mine. After lunch we took a quick detour to the Expo Center. They were having a huge rummage sale! The items were donated by parents and employees of a private school here in town. We thought it was worth checking out. We had no idea what we were getting into so when the doors opened all these people were grabbing boxes that had ties attached to them for dragging around. :) Pfft! We didn't need a box. I mean, we were only there for a little while to checkout just a few things. Well, needless to say, WE NEEDED THE BOX! I was juggling 10 hardcover books (at $2.00 each), a cute little topiary and my biggest find, 3 very adorable botanical prints! Well, the botanicals were real! They were dried herbs in these adorable, adorable frames. The price tag on the frames each said $18.00. I thought, well, that's not bad. Then the lady at the counter said everything was half off today since it was the last day of the sale! So I landed 3 framed botanicals for $27.00! Here they are! The frames need a little touching up but that will be easy. These will look great in my new place!





The Redhead Next Door said...

Very pretty! I made those pumpkin pancakes today for breakfast. They were SO delicious!

Michelle said...

Hey Redhead!

Glad the pumpkin pancakes turned out delicious!! It would have been nice to have those this morning myself. :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Michelle said...

I like the framed majoram, it would look nice in my kitchen,to provide that extra motivation to cook with herbs!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific find! I love herb and herb motif decorations.

Pearl said...

Sounds like it was a big 'n serious sale! Love the framed pieces you found!!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

So pretty! what a great find! I love the unexpected surprise deals, its so much fun!!

btw, Im having my first.... GIVE-AWAY!... , so stop by if you get a sec! Happy Shopping ;)

~ cynthia ~

Tea Time With Melody said...

Loved the picture on this post. Isn't it fun to go to a rummage sale. So many things to find and so many suprises waiting for us.

Hisako Hill said...

You are so good finding the good stuff for practically nothing. What a great find!


Pam said...

Very cute. Don't you just love a good deal.

Sea Angels said...

Scrummy!! there is nothing nicer than a few bargins, with a good friend for company, my sort of day.
Hugs Lynn x

FourOf5zs said...

You find the neatest things and get them at such bargain prices. When my back starts feeling better I'm going to drag my husband to a few antique stores... and Goodwill. Did you know Goodwill has an online store..

Have a good week!