Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Second Award! Thank you Domestic Fashionista!

I got my second award from Domestic Fashionista! I just love her blog. I have to make daily visits to make sure I don't miss anything. :) She's so shabby chic and so frugal at the same time! I love it! Thank you so much Fashionista gal!

Okay so I'm supposed to list 6 things about myself, and pass this along to six other bloggers. Okay, I'll list the six things first then list the 6 bloggers! This is fun!

1. I will not eat leftovers unless it's Mexican or Chinese food.
2. I have at least one Starbucks a day (I know, a terrible habit and don't even ask me how much I could be saving a month on this stuff. Might make me quit cold turkey).
3. I don't have any kids. My cats are my kids. I'm afraid if I had kids they would be terribly spoiled.
4. I am afraid of the water because I almost drowned once.
5. I'm ALWAYS cold. It can actually be 80 degrees and if a breeze hits me just right, I'm freezing!
6. I don't listen to much of today's music. Even though I'm 41 years old (ya, there's another insight) I love standards, music from the 40's and classical.

I actually had to delete about 3 things because I just realized I surpassed 6! There's so much more I could tell you all about me! Either that or I was just full of myself and could have kept going and going and going.

Okay so here are my six recipients that I love peeking in on. Enjoy because you deserve it!

1. Sea Cottage - it's so refreshing visiting her blog. The colors and the seashells relax me so. :)
2. Puppy Cove - I admit this is my niece's blog but her blog is so cute with all the adorable animal pictures and she's always got something interactive going on whether it be a vote or something she s asking her viewers. I love how she includes everyone!
3. Life, Homesteading and Everything - Okay she is just downright funny on her blog and she's always got something going on whether it's making soaps, cooking, writing, knitting. I mean she's an everything gal! That's what I mean when I say Kreativ! :)
4. Coterie - Okay, this girl is creatively fashionable! She's always got up to date news on what store is having what sale and who's go the new products when it comes to shopping and I LOVE SHOPPING!
5. ButtonWillow Chronicles - Okay this blog is just pleasing to the eyes. It's like I've jumped down the rabbit hole and fell into a storybook! I just love her graphics and the music! Very amazing!!
6. Cafe Chatelaine - She reminds me a lot of me. We even moved at the same time! I love her adorable cats and just her style in general!
So there you are. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Tutti Chic said...

Congrats on your award! Enjoyed reading about you! You have a beautiful blog~:) chris

Melissa said...


I, too am always cold. And, I mean always.

Also, I'm 41 and my pets are my children as well.

How neat to have things in common.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Get out!! You're not 41! I'd had you pegged as 25 from your profile photo, and you'll forever be 25 in my mind. :)

Thank you for the award!! I love being loved. ;)

Enjoyed the fun facts about you - cats make excellent kids, by the way: you rarely have to yell at them for being pains in the butts (in fact, it's best never to yell at cats, as I know from having cats before having kids). LOL!

fairmaiden said...

Thank you Michelle for the award. Even though I don't post my awards on my blog, I am still thankful for the kind gesture. I don't usually participate in the award, the ? etc., but I think I will this time.

And Wow!!! You do not look 41! I just turned 42 and I thought you we're around 30. What's your secret?!!! You are beautiful.

Michelle said...

Awww...thanks guys for thinking I'm that young. Well, after this move I look about 60 now! Ha! I have to thank my mom for those youthful genes. Thanks, mom! Anyway, I may look okay but my body sure feels old! :)

Michelle said...

Hey Melissa,

You and I have a lot in common! :) Maybe we were twins separated at birth.

Michelle said...

Hey Chris,

Thank you for the congratulations. I absolutely LOVE your blog. That's why it's on my blogroll. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Oh good! I need new blogs to visit! Congrats on your award! You completely deserve it. You're such a wonderful and fun lady, how could you not be creative? :)

(I thought you were like 24. Seriously.)

chatelaine said...

What a nice surprise to have a mention in your wonderful blog.
I am going to think of the six things. I didn't think you were 41
either. Congratulations on your award! Are you really all settled in? I am still moving. I am trying to do most of it myself rather than pay a mover but it's not working out so well. said...

Congratulations on your award! In celebration of your creative and beautiful soul! It is wonderful that you are beautiful both inside and out! :-D

Queen B. said...

Congrats ! Love your blog !!

Noodlegirl said...

You sooo deserve the reward. Ha I am also always cold even in Hawaii at night so imagine now!

Janet said...

Congrats sis! Just got on and saw this cute award you gave Paris - she says thanks too!

Melissa said...


I was so glad to read that your medical test came out fine.

Turning 40 can have it's ups and downs, but at least we are enjoying life, no matter what.


Tea Time With Melody said...

Congrats to you, you have a great blog. Hope your cats are getting used to their surroundings.

ButtonWillow Cottage said...

Hello Michelle,
Well, we've pulled ourselves away from the exciting spacewalk today to thank you kindly for your award! As I've said in the past, all of us at ButtonWillow know that most of the credit goes to our dear Mrs. Rabbit. However, she can't be bothered with such things as awards--she appreciates the kind thoughts, but feels "haughty" to take pride in them. Mr. Mole on the other hand LOVES awards and we simply pass them on to him to display on his mantelpiece. That is why they can never be found around the ButtonWillow grounds, we simply can't hold on to them long enough before he snatches them up and starts rearranging things in his abode so as to view the newest ones at their best.
Thank you kindly dear, you yourself have a lovely lovely cottage indeed.
Mistress--ButtonWillow Cottage