Monday, October 27, 2008

Product Review Monday!

Happy Monday! Debra over at Bunnies' Bungalow is hosting a Product Review Monday. How fun and informative! Okay, here are a few of mine. :)

First, I have to say I just discovered this new product from Bath and Body Works. It's their aromatherapy collection called Sleep - Warm Milk and Honey. I haven't used all the products yet. The scent is so subtle and clean. It's not strong like most of their products are so I come out of the shower smelling sweet and clean! :)

One other body product I love is the C.O. Bigelow's Rose Salve. I won't go one winter without this wonderful healing salve. I use it on my elbows and anywhere that I have dry skin. It's so soothing and has a very subtle smell of rose and vanilla. Oh yes and I love that it hasn't been tested on animals. :)

Okay, here's one that I can't stop eating once I start! Quaker Cheddar Rice Cakes. The other flavors are all good but this one is addictive! It's crisp, crunchy and low on calories!
Last, this is my FAVORITE microwaveable mac and cheese, Stouffers. I have to say this is the best mac and cheese I have found that is instant. It's gooey good! I guess you can't tell that I love cheese. Okay, I do have one thing I wouldn't recommend but it may depend on your skin. I bought this Oil of Olay Eye Contour Gel and it made my eyelids SO dry I had to start putting the C.O. Bigelow's rose salve on it for a month to get it back to it's tender self! Ugh. It may be different with you but I wouldn't chance it. ;)


Fran said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I must try the rose salve! Thanks for all the tips!


Hisako Hill said...

Cool! Great consumer reports!!

I love your pumpkin with bats, rats and spiders. You are so creative...



Stacey said...

I have wondered about those rice cakes. Will try them. Always looking for a snack that's not too many calories.

I have to agree with you on the Olay eye gel. I love all of their other products but definitely not that one. Made my eyes burn and itch.

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey cutie, I agree that Bath & Body work's new line is amazing! I was stunned by the pink pumpkin you posted too! Happy Hauntings!


Anonymous said...

Uh oh...shouldn't have looked at the foods. Now my stomach is growling and I must go appease it. :}

CIELO said...

Hi Michelle.... So nice meeting you! I would have to try that aromatherapy collection, just the name of it sounds so enchanting... it may me want to go to sleep :) It’ll be perfect for my night baths…



Sea Angels said...

I love the rose salve, in fact the tin is adorable, oh and that pumpkin is fabulous, how wonderful, actually I have been oooing and ahhhring over your whole blog for ages now.... dipping into your lovely pretty posts, I have had a really good time, so you have really cheered my evening up thankyou.
Hugs Lynn xx

Michelle said...

Hey thanks everyone for your comments! I hope the reviews helped and you'll try some of this stuff! I had fun on my first Product Review Monday. I Debra keeps it going!

Michelle :)

Hisako Hill said...

Pink pumpkin! I went to look for them yesterday, but I couldn't find them around here ...Is there pumpkin boutique up there? Great ornamental value aren't they?


Michelle said...

Hey mom!

I think you can only find them at that ONE farm. Otherwise, I spray painted mine pink. :)