Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random Fun and Yet Another Award!

First off, Andrea Leigh over at My Chihuahua Bites awarded me the Lovely Blog award! Thank you, thank you, Andrea!! Andrea is such a sweetheart and I get the biggest kick out of visiting her blog to see what her, her hubby and her two Chihuahuas are up to! She has a truly fun have to check it out sometime if you have not been there! I have two awards now that I need to pass on....I will post those this week, I promise!!

Saying goodbye to Christmas....

I am slowly but surely taking down my little Christmas tree but I keep getting distracted with my blog! :) I have taken down all the ornaments but as I write Quincy is batting one around like a toy. Great. I've actually decided on a new tradition. I am going to keep my pink tree up and decorate it through the seasons and holidays! I thought that would be fun and different! Who said we had to follow tradition? I'll call it my "seasonal" tree. :)
I received my Christmas present from my brother today! Isn't this adorable? Mocha was already rubbing her scent all over it.

Saturday Jim, Jamie (his youngest girl) and I spent the day together. We did a little after Christmas shopping on a street called NW 23rd here in Portland. It is an adorable place lined with boutiques, shops, crepe stands and...well, Elvis!

Here are a few things I bought on sale (Christmas sale) at my favorite store Zucari.

Then we decided to stop by the pet shop (against my better judgment...I'm not one to promote buying or selling animals in pet shops) but we needed an animal fix. I saw this adorable Corgi puppy (I love Corgis) and Jamie really wanted to play with him so they took him out for us to play with. He was trying to put anything and everything in his mouth but he was ADORABLE!

What? NO DOGS ALLOWED. I could have sworn I heard Quincy say that. ;)

I also went to Michaels to spend my gift card. They had the most adorable signs for Valentine's Day...yes already, can you believe it? I decided to get a couple and hang them on a few doors. They don't HAVE to be for Valentine's Day, do they?

I also got some beautiful hydrangeas.....can't have enough of these!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I noticed a little snow was falling tonight. :)


AndreaLeigh said...

great finds! i love the signs. i didn't realize you were in portland... i moved from the seattle-ish area about a year ago.

thanks for your kind words, girlie!

AndreaLeigh said...

and I think it is a fantabulous idea to leave your tree up and decorate it seasonally!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Andrea! You are probably glad you're not in Seattle now...they are STILL getting snow. :) Thanks for the confirmation on my tree..I know it was a little crazy but I don't care.

texasdaisey said...

Congrats, you deserve it. What great finds & love the pics on the street. Blessings

Tea Time With Melody said...

Congrats on your award! It's a beautiful one. I don't know where people find or create them. You deserve it I love your blog.

As soon as I saw the dog on your post I thought you got it! Then the look on Quincys face, those big

Anya said...

That likes Quincy, a tree the hole year hahaha...... he can play always with some ornaments.
You buyed nice things on shopping, i like shopping veryyyy match :)
The valentine gifs are very nice i like them. In the Netherlands it has also snowing tonight , its very cold outside :(

Pam said...

I love 23rd! So many great stores and restaurants. It sounds like a fun day.

Kathleen said...

Oh Michelle, what a wonderful post. Your brother picked out the perfect gift for you! Downtown Portland looks inviting, and I wish I could have done a little shopping there with you. I have to get over to my Michaels' stores. I want to see some of those great Valentine signs. I love seasonal decorating, and am anxious to start for Valentine's day. Congartulations on your blog award...I do love the banner you have now an awful lot.....Have a good day! Kathleen

Amy said...

Hey! Thanks for the welcome to the blogging world, I've been reading your blog for a little while and I always enjoy it! I love corgi's too! I had one growing up her name was Britney, she was so much fun and so adorable. But now I have 2 cats and they would certainly say "NO DOGS ALLOWED" also!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award (well-deserved!)!

What a splendid idea to have a seasonal tree! Make sure you show us how it's decorated each month.

Quincy does look a bit panicky at the thought of a dog, doesn't he? LOL!

Heather said...

congrats on the award! your shopping trip looks like one i would love to go on! i still have my tree up and completely decorated, lol. i did put away most of my decorations that are "Christmas or Santa" themed. I left all the snowmen items out and the tree still. OH well! I can't bring myself to take the tree down yet. I think it's too pretty in the livingroom and I'm still turning the lights on at night :)

Joanna said...

michelle, i am so shocked that you didn't bring the corgi home. he's just precious! quincy probably would've had a cow though. haha

we're finally putting our christmas stuff away today... or should i say my stepdad is. i'm not one to pester with the lights outside.

i hope you got elvis' autograph!!

congrats on your award!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Oh wow! Are you going to make the pink tree a V-day tree next? I can't wait to see it!

Before I got the babies Ben had to take me to pet stores so I could get some hot puppy breath. It was sad! said...

I love how you make your home so nice and inviting with scents, flowers and lovely signboards! It appears to me that with the cold weather going on, downtown Portland still has the very Christmasy vibe to it.

Congrats on your latest award and have a blessed New Year!

FourOf5zs said...

Great finds!

I'm afraid to go anywhere near a pet shop... or drive past the local animal shelter. I would try to bring them all home with me.

I know of someone else who keeps a decorated tree all year and changes it with the season. I think it is a lovely idea.

Tracey said...

I love the bottles.. they are fantastic. I wish we had a street like that here in my neck of the woods,but no such luck. Your day seemed wonderful. Full of friends, fun and great finds. Have a good week!

The Redhead Next Door said...

I LOVE 23 STREET!!! Oh my gosh! I was in Portland last April visting my sisters best friend. She works downtown so she took us to lunch at Kell's and then shopping on 23rd. We had a FABUlOUS day shopping there. We had to find ways to ship stuff home because we couldn't take that much on the plane. :)

Melissa said...


I wish we lived closer. It would be so much fun to go shopping with you.

You found such beautiful items and I think the Seasonal tree is just great, especially Valentine's Day. I can see such cute little hearts and cherubs hanging from it.


Lisa Michelle said...

I love Micheals! They have the best of the best there. Yes, If I had an award to give you, I most certainly would. Your site is very lovely.


lvroftiques said...

Hi girl! geeze I need to play catch up!! You found yourself some great stuff at Michaels! I love both your valentines signs! And the one from your brother is FABU!!! Me wanty!*winks* The corgi puppy is adorable! (sorry Quincy lol!) And I love your idea to keep your pink tree up all year! Why not??!! If you love it? Keep it around all the time! By the way both Sally AND I found sets of transferware at the Goodwill! We both found the same color on the same day...and both of us at the Goodwill! Isn't that something?!! There must have been transferware karma going on that day! Lol!! Now I'm hoping for some more "chandelier" karma! Lol!! Craigslist here I come......*winks* Vanna

lvroftiques said...

OH and I'm so happy to say the snow is gone in Seattle! I love the stuff, I really do but enough is enough now! Hehe! Vanna

Sweet Sage said...

Congratulations on yet another award! Yours is definitely one LOVELY blog! And I ADORE your new banner! :)

Hannah said...

Hey there! Did you change the top of your blog? I love it, of course I just love your blog period! What a cute present from your brother... so sweet. I love the idea of keeping your pink tree up year round..hmmm I wonder where I can get a pink tree? I have got to get me one! I love those bottles, so pretty!!
Awww that corgi is sooo cute. If you get a chance you should stop by Alicia Paulsons blog, she has the most adorable corgi named Clover Meadow!