Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy Saturday!

I just LOVE the weekends. Mainly because I'm free to do what I want and not work. Well, to be honest I did take home work but we won't talk about that because it will ruin my post. Lol!

Here's my fern window! I finished it last night. Whaddaya think?

Also, look where I'm headed today! I'm going to be very good and not stay long and have a budget. It's sooooo hard though. I have to remember they will be back twice again this year so Michelle has to act like whatever she sees isn't the last thing on earth! I'm excited also because I will be meeting up with Vanna from Delusions of Grandeur! It's my first blogger meeting! Yay!

I'm also excited because it's tea Saturday and will be meeting Tami for tea again. Going to tea is like going to the spa for me. It's so relaxing and I seriously feel twice as relaxed when I leave as when I came in. Why not! Food was involved. LOL!

Later this evening Jim and I are going to do some night skiing. Okay, night skiing...not day skiing and let alone I haven't skied in, ummmm 20 years. I hope I look this good by the end of the evening. Ha!

Man, I'm going to have a busy Saturday! I'm going to have to stay home tomorrow just to recuperate from today! :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!


Rob said...

I love the fern window. I love taking old windows and making them come alive! Thanks for the idea!


Please visit me at

fairmaiden said...

YOur fern window brings a lovely bit of nature into your sweet home. Night skiing sound romantic. Warm kisses in the snow xoxox

Heather said...

wow you have a super jam packed saturday! i wish i was going to tea with you and the antique show! i'll pass on the skiing, lol. i've never done it and i definitely wouldn't make nighttime my first time trying!
have fun! i can't wait to hear all about your day and see pictures! love love love the fern window! it looks awesome!

Anya said...

The window is beautifuuuuuuuul:)
Have a nice tee time :))
Be careful with skiing that you do not break anything LOL
Have a nice Saturday :))))))))))))))
See you sunday LOL

Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job on the fern window!! Maybe your next career can be a decorative painter?!

Have fun, but be careful skiing at night! I'm going to worry about you....I'm such a worry-wort.

Tracey said...

Michelle, have fun today and sounds like your going to have a great time! Wish I skiied.. living in Maine you'd think I knew how.. but nope! So have fun, be careful and enjoy!!

Joanna said...

i hope your blogger meeting is fun!!! that's so exciting. i have yet to meet a blogger, but it'll happen eventually.

i love your music on here, too.

have fun skiing and don't hurt yourself!! i would never trust myself on the slopes whatsoever so go own them, girl.

Patti said...

Wow what a day you have planned- hope it was all you wanted it to be! With a line up like that how could it not? The fern window turned out beautiful!


Daphine said...

Love the fern window! Great job! I hope that you enjoyed your skiing date! Sounds like FUN!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love your blog, I'm going to add to my list of favorites. I love the fern window.

Trudi said...

Love your fern window. I have maybe six windows waiting for me to do something with them. That's one of my projects this spring. It's so hard for me to do larger projects in the winter in the midwest. Sigh.

lvroftiques said...

Girl that was one busy day for you!! I agree that having tea is such a calming soothing experience. There's something so dignified about it don'tcha think? And oh WOW!! Your wondow turned out great!! What don't you like about it? I think it's fab!! How was night skiing? I haven't gone in years either....but I don't know why, because it's so much fun!....Probably has more to do with fitting into my skiing clothes lol! *winks* Vanna

Zaroga said...

Love how the Fern Window turned out.