Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Anya! Goin' Horseback Riding Saturday Morning!

Today (the 21st) is my good friend Anya's birthday! She didn't know this but Kareltje invited all the kitties over to celebrate. Unfortunately some had an overdose on cake. Those were the older cats. Fortunately some of the younger cats stayed conscious and were able to present her with a little birthday cake. :)

HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY, ANYA! I know you've been working out a lot lately so you deserve a huge piece of cake!

Saturday morning I'm going horseback riding with a good friend from work. I was excited to learn she had horses and she was happy to take me out on a nice ride. She chose her more subdued horse (yearight..older horse) to have me ride while she took the younger one. Thank God! I'll let ya'll know how it goes.

I only hope I'm as gracious as Grace Kelly tomorrow. LOL!

Happy Friday!


Chatelaine said...

Poor kitty od'd on sugar. Hope your little one is recovering from her surgery.

Have fun horseback riding. I'm not that adventurous. I am going antiquing.

Cat with a garden said...

The kitty cake pictures are so cute! Riding shall be so much fun!

Anya said...

THANKS THANKS THANKS for the cake yummieeeeeeeeee.........
Thanks for your nice post for me, very sweet of you :))
Kareltje didn 't hug me he biting me this morning :(
Talk to you monday, I have saterday and sunday party :))))
Match fun with horse riding !!!, be careful that you do not fall from the horse.... LOL

Heather said...

those pictures are too cute! hope your friend has a nice birthday. have fun horseback riding!

Zaroga said...

Happy Birthday Anya!

Those pictures are so cute!

I hope you had a good time this morning.

Coastal Sisters said...

I love the kitty pictures :)

Have a lovely weekend,

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I'm sympathetic to your cat. Today I spent the day with a close friend for her birthday and I must say I od'd on sugar too. I love that photo of Grace Kelley on her horse. What a classic beauty she was.

Laurie said...

Hope you had a great time horseback riding...and I hope you dig out that novel and get back to work. Dreams like that should be nutured (says the woman on the fourth draft of her first novel).

Patti said...

How was horseback riding? Hope it all went ok! Love the kitty pictures- hilarious! Have a great rest of the weekend!