Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Sweet Card from a Faraway Friend and my Finds at the Antique Show!

Hi all! I'm a little late waking up. One, because of the time change (man that whole hour really screwed me up) and two, yesterday was a long day! I wanted to share a few things from yesterday.

I got this card from Anya at Kareltje en ikke! She sent me this sweet, sweet, welcome card for my darling, hyper Emma. I have never received a card from the Netherlands! It's my first!! Anya and I have become great fellow bloggers. I'm sad we live so faraway that we can't easily meet and introduce our cats and meet each other! Thank you Anya and Kareltje!! Emma thanks you for such a warm welcome!

The antique show was so much fun. I was good and didn't stay too long and only looked in one building at the Expo Center. I had already spent almost $100.00 just going up 2-3 rows! Anyway, meeting Vanna from Delusions of Grandeur and a new friend Isabel from Maison Douce was so exciting! It was like meeting stars! Lol!
Vanna on the left, Isabel in the middle and me on the right. :) Vanna showed me around and taught me a few things...what to look to barter. She was a great teacher! Isabel's items were too adorable for words!

This is Isabel's booth. Aren't her things adorable?!

And this beautiful wedding dress!

I bought this sweet down-filled pillow from her....

Here are a few things I bought from other booths...
I have a thing for sugar and creamer sets. I loved this color!

And these sweet milk bottles. I'll put a flower in each. :)

And these adorable plates. Only $4.00 each!

And this beautiful antique planter. The roses came with it which I probably will proceed to kill. Oh how I wish I had a green thumb.

Today is a day of rest. Wait, it's Sunday, the seventh day so yes that makes sense. :) It's even snowing a little today so what better day to stay in and cozy up!


Melissa said...


That antique show looked like it was so much fun. I can spend hours just looking at antiques.

Sounds like you made some great friends too.

Happy Sunday!


Noodlegirl said...

Oh it does look like its alot of fun! I have a thing for tea cups!! In fact when I go move back to Hawaii I will send you one of mine I have so many of this one particular design its like a mini teacup but usable the handles are the shape of butterflies! I have them all carefully wrapped away in Hawaii lol!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Sounds like you had a very good day. I like doing the same sort of thing with my daughter.

lvroftiques said...

Michelle it was just lovely to meet you! You are one beautiful gal! I didn't see that creamer's sooo cute!! Did ya barter a little for it? *winks* And now seeing that darling little rose coaster I wish I'd a bought it lol! Cause it looks so good at your place! And how sweet of Anya to send you a card welcoming little Emma! I, just like you...spent all my cash within three isles!! That was one dangerous place! I could've gone on and on! I LOVE that pillow from Isabel!! I have quite a few of those myself and they are perfect for a charming cottage decor! Anyhoo I wish we could have all had more time to gab! Maybe at our next bloggers meet we can actually sit down *winks* (((hugs))) Vanna

Anya said...

The plastic film is still on the map with my shopping bill... HEHE
It was just that the stones were not damaged ...LOL

How sweet that my card is on your blog :))))))))))))))))))
Too bad I could not on the picture with the other bloggers :(
I was with you in mind (@^.^@)
We live too far away for a visit :(

But I can see that you had funnnnnn and you've bought a lot .....HEHE
beautiful stuff :))
Talk to you sooooooooooooooon

Kareltje =^.^= & Anya (@^.^@)

Allidink said...

Hello :)

That looks like it was so much fun! The pillow is so pretty and I have a thing for sugar and creamer sets too! Haha I dunno what it is about them ;) If it was up to me I would have way too many sets lying around. lol

All the best,

Zaroga said...

Michelle, you find the neatest things. I'm thinking one day you will have to open up your own booth because you will have no room to walk in your house :-)

Tracey said...

Michelle, what great finds. I wish we had places like that here in Maine. Only in the summer time do flea markets break out and antique places open up. I loved that wedding dres.. it is beautiful. You found some wonderful treasures.. Like your desire for creamer and sugar bowls,, mine is cake stands.. love them!! Enjoy all your great items.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice card from your friend, Anya! Just remember to tell Emma that she's to look at the card, not snack on it...LOL!

Antiques shopping is so much fun! My MIL was a total antiques buff and I enjoyed going with her. Dh isn't too fond of that kind of stuff, so I don't go anymore. That wedding dress is delicately gorgeous! I wish I saw that when I was getting married.

Tea Time With Melody said...

Oh my, I have been away for a few, and I missed much. Emma looks so comfy in her new home. The candied orange peels look great and I love that tea table scape. Hope you had fun night skiing.

Chatelaine said...

I can't resist a good antique show.
Love everything you bought. I would kill the roses too. See, we're so alike!

Hisako Hill said...

Welcome card from Netherland..How cool is that!!
Emma looks calm and lady-like...Is she?
Looks like you had a great time at the Antique Show.
Your place must be getting full.

i love you!


Melissa said...


I should have known you are the Vintage Sage. I so admire your talent. That blog and this one are magnificent.

Love Melissa

Heather said...

i'm glad you had so much fun! i would have gone broke if i went there! everything is gorgeous! i love the creamer set-great color! and that welcome card for Emma, how sweet!

MissBliss said...

I love creamers, too!

The dress was gorgeous...

Kelly said...

Your fern window turned out great! I love going shopping and seeing booths set up like that. (I always want to spend more than I should :)
Looks like you had fun~

Chrissy said...

Oh what a lucky girl you nice to meet fellow bloggers too!!!I love all the treasures you found too...another lovely post!! All the best, Chrissy

AndreaLeigh said...

wow, I would be in heaven! i'm getting a shopping itch just looking at your pictures!

Tulip Bliss said...

I like the creamer set. BTW, you look great!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous you got to meet Vanna!!! She is such a riot and I am sure you all just had a blast!!

I love your finds- I have a plate like the ones you picked out- They are so delicate looking!


fairmaiden said...

That cream and sugar bowl are just my color! So pretty. The rose china is very shabby chic. I try to collect rose china and use everyday. Even my sons like to use china.

Patti said...

What a wonderful time! I would have gotten into major trouble there!

Marilyn Miller said...

Enjoyed visiting your sights here.
from the Marmalady at Delights of the Heart

Neabear said...

Wow! You got some really pretty things there. Sounds like it was a fun day for you.

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